Leave Yourself Alone.

It was a state of utter confusion and havoc for Jenny. She ran like a whirlwind across her room from her closet to her drawer, crossing her bed over a thousand times. “Oh God, Oh God!!”  cried the 17 year old brunette. Numerous colors could be seen on her bed. Different fabrics. Like a rainbow. An expensive rainbow, of course. These were the countless dresses she had tried and rejected. One made her look short, one made her look rotund and apparently one’s color didn’t match her hair. Prom was in an hour and according to her she still didn’t have nothing to wear, which sounded ironical keeping in mind the tornado of dresses on her bed.
Mom could hear the shrieks and cries and “Oh God I’m so screwed!!” from the kitchen down below. She took a deep breath while making tea for Grandma. It was hard for her to understand what was wrong with the peach silk dress aunt Anna had bought her. It looked lovely on her.
“YES!” came a cry from upstairs. Mom almost dropped the tea-pot, startled. Grandma didn’t say anything. After half an hour, Jenny came running downstairs. “Mom, how do I look?” Is the mascara okay? “Do you think I look fat?’ Are these shoes going well with this dress?” She ran and looked in the mirror near the dining cupboard. “I think I should put a little more lip-gloss? Or is it fine?”
“Honey, you look okay,” said mom “You don’t need to be so conscious about yourself.” She looked tired and a little sympathetic, as if she was through this mood swing before. Grandma was watching the whole drama sipping her warm tea.
“You don’t understand mom”, said Jenny. “I think I may be granted permission to the VIP booth in this dress”, she said tossing her hair, as if it made any difference.
“For God’s sake, Leave Yourself Alone!” blurted Grandma, loosing her patience.
Both Mom and Jenny were quiet. This sudden outburst was very rare in grandma’s withering age. Jenny quietly made her way to the door, fully aware of what grandma meant.

Now, the purpose of this story is solely focussed on girls like Jenny who are increasing in threatening numbers. I don’t understand the need to gain perfection. Why are girls so worried about how they look, ALL THE TIME? I understand the need to dress well. I encourage girls to flaunt. But when I see people doubting themselves, I feel bad. And I feel the current domination of internet over teenagers is a very important reason behind this.


I saw this picture on the internet recently and it disturbed me intensely. Girls should know that sometimes it’s okay to be not okay. Just like the grandma said, ‘Stop bothering and doubting yourself, Leave Yourself Alone!’
It’s okay if your hair isn’t the way YOU want it to be, but it might look perfect. You may think those jeans enhance your thighs but they might just fit impeccably! Do not mould yourself according to the society, be who you are. You might have an entirely different view of the world. Stop starving yourself in order to ‘Fit In.’ Being healthy and fit is one thing, but to fast and quit food and water and air and earth! That’s insane! Those who love you will adore you even if you have too many freckles or your eye-liner is smudged. Don’t let your waist size decide whether you’re ‘Worth’ or not. YOU ARE. Period! So next time you look in the mirror,

10153989_625833804165405_8974103328670390195_nBecause you know,

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.”

― Dita Von Teese


6 thoughts on “Leave Yourself Alone.

  1. the phase where we think more about what others think, is a transition phase. With age, maturity builds up. I am not in complete disagreement because we shouldn’t let ourselves completely slaved to other’s perceptions. But i still believe that over the time, material aspects would become unimportant than the living beings around. More respect for oneself is guaranteed, if not we should try to.


  2. What you say is true. Maturity finds it’s roots and we get free from the shackles of what the society would think. But I see girls around me who do what Jenny does everyday.This was just a post to all those who’re like that. I hope people understand the simple message of it. 🙂


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