21st Century Affair.

Woman In Black.
In my black skinny jeans,

I scan the market,

I see shoulders and heads,

Passing me by,



It is slightly windy today,

So my black straight hair drifts softly,

Tickling my cheek lightly,

I am alone,

Alone in a street full of heads and shoulders.


I settle the wings of my Black eye-liner,

Then I keep walking up a straight path,

Expectations fading like the sweetness of my chewing gum,

Heads and shoulders bent down,

Drowning in those touch screens,

Oblivious of the weather around.


That’s when I notice him,

Black Tuxedo, Black tie,

The pocket in his tux adorned by a prim,

Black shoes and Black watch.

Black dominating his wholesome attire.


He comes in my direction,

Alas! he doesn’t see me,

Too engrossed in his touch-screen,

That he doesn’t glance a look,

At my black skinny jeans or my black straight hair.


He passes by me,

Moistening the air with his sweet perfume,

A Black scent, I suppose.

I turn around to have a look at him,

But he soon disappears amidst those,

Bent heads and bent shoulders,

Leaving me alone again,

Depriving me of the brief sense of companionship.


I continue walking straight again,

Wondering if I’ll ever see him,

What would have happened if there wasn’t that touch screen,

And his eyes had met mine and mine his,

Would he have stopped and asked my name?

Or maybe a cup of coffee down the lane?


My thoughts wither away,

And my eyes retreat,

As I walk down the busy street,

With bent heads and shoulders,

My gaze somehow affixed,

Over the Black Night Sky above,

Studded with Jewels, Diamonds and Love.