“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned,” said the girl,  “It is my very first confession. These are my sins.” The priest crossed his heart, patiently waiting for whatever was next. “I killed 7 people in 7 days.” For a moment, he was silent. Such information was hard to consider when coming from a young girl’s mouth. He had heard worst, but this one shook him no less.  “I absolve you from your sins. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

She left the church at an instant. It was a bleak winter evening. Fog had spread around the isolated street blurring the golden light from the lamps. She walked straight to her house. Climbed in through her window from where she had escaped and lay in bed staring at the ceiling, waiting for sleep to overpower and him to come. She was scared, but satisfied. “It all ends tonight,” she thought. She had done what had been asked of her. A little smile spread across her face.

She opened her eyes to see a stale new morning wrapped under a warm blanket. Mom must have been in her room. She was puzzled, scared, anxious. Not knowing what to make out of this.

Why didn’t he come? He had promised her on the seventh day he would let her touch him, maybe take her away with him. She decided to sleep a little more but found herself lost in thoughts. Questions. Doubts. But more importantly, Fear. “What would I do now?” She started shivering and it wasn’t soon when she found herself in a pool of tears.

The next day she was captured by the police and sentenced to 5 years in jail. She was yelling. Crying for people to help. People held her, trying to control the maddening body. “It was him! He made me do this! He came in my dreams every night and told me to kill someone!!  He promised he would then take me away!! It Was Him!!!” She cried! Cried so much her throat ached. Who would believe her? The Mad girl claiming to kill people because a boy in a dream told her to.

Everyone gaped with wide eyes. full of terror, disbelief and pity. No one willing to consider what she just told. People thought jail wasn’t a safe place for her. So she was sent to the city asylum.
She still yells every night. Who knows who she’s talking to? Maybe he did visit her after all.

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