It’s a Goal!!



Amidst the quietness of the fog in the south-east Asian mountains, two young men sat under a thatched roof, eyes glued to the television. Trying to keep themselves warm in the tattered shawls. Eyes filled with the most striking hue of anticipation, fear and hope. In the near corner of the room a tan lady brews a pot of tea, taking frequent glances over the small television. Out came the roar! The two men hug and scream and cry as the black and white ball is made to dodge the defenders and hit sharply towards the majestic goalpost.
The lady doesn’t understand the elation of those young men, she clumsily pours the tea and with a tired “These Kids” leaves the room. The joy of those men has no bounds! Tonight they’ll celebrate. Tonight they’ll roast the deer they’ve been saving for a special occasion. Tonight they won’t sleep with their stomachs growling. After all, their favorite team was in the finals!


Champagne glasses tinkle, pudding is served and brief chuckles can be heard from the sumptuous living room of Mrs. Harper. It’s like the whole of London was celebrating tonight. Her husband and his comrades were the happiest people and football was the topic of discussion. FIFA was the life of the party that night, and the English player Steven Gerrard was the hero. Tonight called for celebration, England had a massive win!


Brazilian flag was swaying in all directions in Markus’ hostel. All the boys in the building cheered and danced. Yellow was the color. Football was the game. Rio de Janeiro had never been this festive. Colorful banners, music, drums and parades were seen. Nothing could be compared to the exuberance of the Brazilians. And Markus, he was seen dancing with his boys.


I find it absolutely enthralling how the whole world breathes and lives football. The World Cup period is blazing with passion and support for the respective teams. I see generations-young and old. I hear the prayers of the people, giving in all they have just for the sake of their team to win. In the stadium, where the action takes place, it’s so wonderful to see those thrilled souls, cheering for their team-their country.

Football has unified the world in a miraculous way. A phenomena that never fails to amaze me as I think of it. Millions of people watching the same game; in the posh living room of New Jersey or a small cafe on the road side. Silent gasps are taken together, hands cover the mouth as they try to take in the current of the game, people hold their breath, as their teams struggle to hold up their spot. I see people of all race, all religion collected as one. Celebrating as one. Cheering as one and even grieving as one.

There is no me and you, but only us. The term -WE is used more. “We Won!” , We Lost!” , “We’re in the finals!” “We Qualified.” It’s amazing how the human can be so passionate about something. Football welcomes boys from small towns with big dreams and with prominent hard work, transforms their dream into reality. For me, I hear my brother cheering in the midnight, giving up sleep, giving up his work, not caring if he’s tired, just for the sake of watching football live. (The football games air in Asia at night)  I applaud over this spirited game! The exorbitant spark in the eyes of the people. Football, amazingly manages to unify and bring an astounding exhilaration in this world brimming with fear, racism and hatred.

The whole world awash in the spirit, color, passion, energy and euphoria of this wondrous game!

“11 players, 1 heartbeat.”

or should I say,

“7 Billion people, 1 heartbeat.”


What are your thoughts?

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