So something happened to me recently. Something huge. Not good, I assure you of that. But gigantically unsettling. I wish I had the courage to write it all here, but I’m afraid I should keep it private. Let’s just assume, I’m stuck in a hole. Like that jail in The Dark Knight Rises. Where I can see the light, but it’s too far away. I can feel my fingertips tasting the rays, but I cannot grasp it.

My whole life has changed all of a sudden. I know I’m still too young to understand all this, but I’m most certain, this is NOT what I had in mind. And the worst part begins here, it’s Not Under My Control. If I had been writing this a month back, you would have been reading a dramatically depressed girls’ pitiful post, because that’s what I had become.

I cried almost everyday. I was so hopeless. I didn’t look forward to anything at all. I was not living. I was surviving. More like stuck in this labyrinth of suffering.

But the thing is, I’m okay. I’m okay now. Don’t go in the wrong conception that I quit. No. I didn’t give up, I decided to fight. I read a quote, many quotes actually, some of them were-:

“You’re too young to be this sad.”

“Strong souls aren’t just born. They are built by forging through the most fucked up perils in life and still having the ability to shine.”

“A woman so strong, she burns heaven and drenched hell”

I’ll be marking this as my comeback post. I’ll fight and battle everything that comes my way. Even if it is the most terrible situation, that haunts me everyday, I’ll haunt it back. I’m actually very proud of myself for not being disheartened. There are other plans for me. There are bigger plans waiting for me. And I’m going to catch them. Boy I’m going to grasp the shit out of them.

“Life’s hardest battles are meant for the strongest soldiers.”