To be Truthful is to be Human.

As little Ethan advanced towards the end of his first day in middle school, he was acquainted to a strange thought, very new to his existing fascination for musings. He caught himself wondering on what Ms. Geller had said. Troubled by intrigue, he skipped lunch and went straight to her office after class. Philosophical as he was, he had to know the meaning.

“Well hello, how can I help you Ethan?”

“I just need to talk to you about what you said. “To be truthful is to be human.” What does that mean? How can TRUTHFULNESS be the only criteria for signifying whether or not a person is human?”

Lowering her glasses, Ms. Geller smiled. Seeing an 11 year old so keen to understand the cobweb of life, she couldn’t hide her amusement. She could come up with just one thing to tell this little adolescent.

“It means,” she said “When you are true to yourself and not just to others, you are a human. A real human. Not a man, not a homo-sapien, a HUMAN.” It was hard for him to register it, all this was abstruse to him, but worked enough to calm his insatiable curiosity.

I couldn’t agree more with Ms. Geller in our little scenario above. There are other virtues that make us worthy enough to be branded as humans, but truthfulness is one of its kind. It is a rare virtue bestowed on us, having the magical quality of transforming our lives into a felicity, not known before. All we need to do is grant it the permission to permeate our souls.4894473811_72075aaf74

Being true to ourselves means, not being afraid to reveal who we are. A soul that allows itself to be swept away with honesty, is the soul that truly, wholly, and completely gains serenity. When you are not afraid to show your true self, when you allow your sombre drapes to lift, and when you permit yourself to uproot all the make-believe the world forces on you, you become truthful. You grant yourself, your body, and your soul the most valuable gift ever, i.e. wiping off the mask and revealing who you are underneath. YOU GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF TRUTH. 

Truthfulness can not only affect our own self, but the people around us too. Every relationship that ever existed, was based on trust. When we trust an individual we live with the satisfaction and expectation that honesty will reverberate. It is the foundation on which emotions are laid. It is a glue that holds people together, strengthening bonds, defining relations, setting standards. Trust gives way to faith. And when people have faith in you, they not only look up to you, but think of you as a part of their own.  As a quote by Mark Perrett rightfully says,

“Not telling the truth is the quickest way to turn yourself into a stranger.”

Keeping the current chain of events in consideration, our new Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, with his benevolent disposition and truthful demeanor, won the hearts of 1.27 Billion Indians. He promised the people of India for the speedy development and rapid industrialization of the country. He gained the trust of the prolific Indians, by assuring the birth of a new, more advanced and more progressive nation. Therefore, his veracious persona escalated our trust in him.

Being truthful is a very strong aspect that differentiates us from other living beings that the almighty created. Humans can speak the truth, expect the truth and search for truth. Animals on the other hand possess no such virtue. They are limited to be accustomed to a very few set of emotions. Thus, we should respect this wondrous element that exists within us.


To sum up, life throws at us a conundrum of incoherent events. It tries to push us into a labyrinth of suffering. Out of many legitimate ways to escape these riddles, truthfulness stands first. By living honestly and freely, a person will find that his life is more enriched and meaningful. Honesty helps a person to strengthen his relationship, conquer problems and excel in life. It grants us the power to see life from a different, more positive perspective. We become optimistic, vivacious , euphoric and lastly, human.

“Life becomes much more easier when we do what we say and when we say what we do. Having courage to be ourselves is a gateway to freedom and happiness.”
-Raphael Zernoff.