Happy Anniversary to Me!

So 24th of August, 2014 marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog. I’d like to take a moment and thank all of my wonderfully supportive and brilliant followers. This wouldn’t have been possible without you all. I cannot begin to explain how much this means to me and to what infinite extent I’m elated..

Writing has always been and will always be my second love. First being music. An year before I used to scribble all my thoughts into a diary. A place where I used to take it all out. All those things and all the countless emotions that create a storm in my head. I have so much brimming inside my mind’s vessel, that I’m afraid if it doesn’t come out, I’m going to explode.

I write to give myself solace. Not for competition, not for keeping myself busy, but for my own selfish self. To take in the world and give it back in differently. I write about my obsession. My cogitative mind luring me into penning down what goes on inside of me. I’d perceive myself as a little different from others. People may not see it the first time they meet me. But all those who’ve managed to climb the wall I’ve built around me, know it well enough.

I feel a little misunderstood. It never comes out correctly when I try to speak. However, it emerges magically when I let my fingers do the job. I hope what I write touches someone’s heart somewhere. I hope it can calm their turbulence just like it calms mine. And I pray that whether and if there is someone who is hanging on to my writings, he continues getting all the composure and calm he needs.

I wish I could tinkle a glass of champagne with all those people who’ve been a part of this incredulous journey. I’m incredibly euphoric and I deeply wish you all understand my delight.  Thank you all again. Cheers!


What are your thoughts?

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