The Beauty of a ‘Monsieur’


So I fired up my computer in hopes of writing something (quite obviously) but this is definitely NOT what I had in mind. Writing an article appreciating men? Duh? Remember Beyonce – “Who run the world? Girls!” And then I have better works to do, like jumping off a cliff and dying or sticking my head in trash.

Jokes apart, this particular issue has been clouding in the back of my head for a long time. I just wasn’t quite able to put a finger on it. In my 18 years of ‘life’ experience, I have had the good fortune of bumping across many immaculate qualities of ‘Monsieurs.’ Great authors have taught us to appreciate the small things in life, so here I am, appreciating the small thing. (I’m hideous, aren’t I?) So this particular post is dedicated to all the great Monsieurs around the world. *Pops up champagne*

Anyway, man is truly an amazing specie. I feel that it’s not just the women who need to be pampered, appreciated, or treasured, men also deserve a spark of admiration. The thing is, I feel that today society is focusing a lot on the rights and beauty of women. How they can transform your life, how selfless  their love is (not that any of this is wrong) but let’s face it, without men, we’d be lost.

Be it a father, brother, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend, best friend, partner, colleague, boss .. men play every role exceptionally. They not just love us, but give us the promise of keeping us safe. If you have the right man, and you treat him deservedly, he can be your greatest strength. I’ve known through observation, that a man would literally do ANYTHING for the woman he loves. Cross all boundaries and extend all limits if that is what it takes to keep his maiden happy.

He would skip a meal himself, and say he’d had dinner, just to bring food to the table. Plus, who can forget chivalry! I understand and appreciate the fact that women are independent now, they like to feel free and strong. But I would still love it when and if a man opens a door for me, or offers to carry my bags if it’s too heavy. The simple act of leaving your seat on a bus to let the girl sit. That’s chivalry and that is so delightfully impressive. And ladies, tell me you don’t secretly love when men try to persuade you, or when you’re angry how hard they try to pacify you. Showering you with gifts and not giving up until they see that smile and they’ve made sure you’re not mad anymore.

I personally have a best friend who is a guy. And he is totally amazing. I can be myself when I’m around him and I don’t think anyone understands me as well as he does. I could be the weirdest girl and suddenly switch to sophistication  and he wouldn’t mind. He would love me anyway.

If you look closely inside a man’s heart, you’d see the part where he is so dependent on you. He might show himself as tough and strong (which all men do) but the real weakness of men are the people they love. They can’t afford to abandon their responsibilities. They love you exactly for what you are, not the person society forces on you to become.

Men are a very important and much needed foundation of this society. I for one am very dependent on men. I have a genuine admiration and love for all the men who’re close to me. Because each one of them has contributed in making me the person I am today.

So cheers to the gender who doesn’t care about make-up, can be a total macho but stutter in front of his girl, who don’t care what they wear (okay, maybe a little) and lastly, who are selfless, loving and a dependable specie on this planet. So men, after reading this don’t feel you’re not appreciated and loved. And please continue being the gentlemen you truly are.


All Women.

One was a Book Thief. The Other Stole the Sky.

If you read the title and you know where it is from then you’re awesome and you have my love.

If you’re going to read one blog post today, I request you all let this tiny post be the one. There’s a reason for this, you’ll discover later in the post and believe you me it’s worth it. This post is BOTH for the readers/non-readers.

For the rest unfortunate people, before I begin this post, one thing you should know.

You’re all going to die.

Brutal, I know but hey these are not my words. These are “death’s” words as said in this incredible piece of fiction that sweeps me away no matter how many times I read it called The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. 

Why I love this book?

It’s not just a piece of young-adult fiction comprising of a boy and girl-one terminally ill and the other weeping over the tragedy of his expected demise like it is the case with the current series of books that are sweeping the bookshelves these days. Yes, I mean it. I won’t name the books but if you’re aware you might be knowing it yourself.

I understand the inexorable need for strong emotions and stories that leave you in a puddle of tears, but it’s one thing writing about deep, profound emotions and it’s another thing playing with them to win people’s hearts. I feel like these authors are using people’s soft spots for gaining best-sellers.  Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that.

But this book, these rectangular pieces of paper studded with magical words narrating an extraordinary story is an astounding piece of literature. I’m not here to give a book review, I’m just here to tell you all the few things I learnt from this book and why you must read this post further.

Our protagonist Liesel Meminger is a nine year old girl who is forced to live with her foster parents as she was a communist and her mother was taken away by the Germans. Set in Germany in 1939 before and during the escalation of the World War II the story vividly portrays Liesel’s journey in her new foster home in Molching with her foster parents.

Her young, yet short-lived so called German boyfriend ‘Rudy Steiner’ and her deep, and beautiful friendship with the Jew that her parents hide in their basement, one character that apart from others, I fell deeply in love with,  Max Vandenburg. Max teaches Liesel the real meaning of friendship, how small sacrifices can sometimes save lives.

16e70a9d1516f63761c3ec2ab6984a7e (1)

It’s not a fairy-tale, it is a deeply moving story of bravery and valor when situations demand it. Of friendship which is the greatest gift of all, about first crushes and how we never get over them-but most important of all, how we must treasure all that we have-before the inevitable death hits us all.

The interesting thing about this book is, the entire story is narrated by death itself. Death claims that it never met someone as interesting and as intriguing as Liesel when he first saw her while fetching her brother’s soul (the brother dies on the way to Molching) and decides to narrate Liesel’s story from the book she writes in the end about her life at Molching.

Death has very interesting perceptions about humans:-

“I’m always finding humans at their best and worst. I see their ugliness and their beauty and I wonder how the same thing can be both”

“While 10,000 souls hid their head in fear and trembled, one Jew thanked the Gods for the stars that blessed his eyes.”

Trust me these two quotes said by death are just an iota of the brilliance of this novel.

Things Liesel and I have in common and the virtues I believe every woman needs to imbibe:

  1. Bravery
  2. Curiosity
  3. Knowing the importance friendship
  4. Reading
  5. Never giving up on your dreams.
  6. Ambition

And many more.

In the entire book Liesel steals books at different occasions, yet our hearts do not turn hostile due to thievery but pity and admire the poor soul for her exorbitant urge to learn. In the beginning, she couldn’t write her name, towards the end she writes her own book. That’s what determination is.

Liesel will always be on top of the list when it comes to my favorite fiction characters. She’s the girl I could relate myself to in every aspect. I saw in her my deep love for reading and friendship and family and my intense desire to write a book someday. 🙂

Note: To my friends who aren’t avid readers, there’s a movie adaptation of the book which is not equally but almost as good as the book. One movie you should watch. In case you need further motivation to watch, here’s the trailer of the movie:

Watch it and if you’re a mature and an enlightened soul, you’ll have one of the best 135 minutes of your life.

“If your eyes could speak, what would they say?”

Goodness gracious I love this book.

Rudy: “You’re stealing books, why?”

Liesel: “When life robs you, sometimes you have to rob it back.” 🙂



You can imagine how powerful this book/movie is that I’m desperately pleading you all to read/watch it.

And yes, another small request, my friend Akash has recently resumed his blogging. He was dormant before but now has stepped back in. If you all could spare a minute and visit his blog.


Have a great day you all. ❤

Dear Reader

Do me a favor, will you? Start Reading. Take out one book everyday, read a single page, hell read a paragraph if you can, but read. Just read. Why am I asking you this? Let me explain you today, why the people who read are better at mostly all the things they do.

The world would be such a better place if people just read. Not the Teen Vogue, not the tech-magazine, but read the words and experiences of the writers who took years to pen down their thoughts, their imagination and their pain. Read, my friend and you will know what madness is. You will know what addiction and depression is. You will live and experience exactly what they did. Whether it is the drunken lover scribbling in the middle of the night, writing prose for his beloved or it maybe a small room brimming with scrolls of texts and stories lying haphazardly, written long before you were born, resting in the layers of dust assembled over time, waiting to be read all over again, to tell their story once again.



You will pass through so many bodies and live the life of people you’ve never known. You’ll gain their experiences and collect their wisdom and their lessons. In this way, dear reader, you’ll become more wise, more insightful. You will experience love and heartbreak, loyalty and betrayal, all through those flat, rectangular pieces of magic called books.

You, dear reader, will make an amazing lover. Because you will know and understand love from inside out, and experience its every miniscule phase. Whether it’s unrequited love or just pure, blissful, maddening love. You will know what it’s like to break someone’s heart and what it’s like to have a heart broken. You will know it all, so you would never hurt anyone, only because you will understand it from both the sides-the broker and the broken.  Loving you would be like loving a thousand different souls.

You will experience deaths and births of character others will never get to know. You will weep in their joy and adversity, you will live with them right till the end, until you finish the very last chapter of their brief story and wish you could live it all over again. My dear dubious reader, with each book you finish you’ll become more cognitive, you’ll understand the human world all the more better, you’ll learn to empathize with people, understand their sorrow, give them pieces of broken advices you learnt from a character in a story you read years before- it will come back to you like electricity.

You”ll have friends that live in books. Friends who will never leave you, and if you put the book down they’ll wait for you patiently to come back and read again. They will understand you and listen to you, they will never leave you alone or let you down.

And the best part of all, dear reader, you’ll have so many adventures to tell, so many stories to narrate, you’ll be an explorer in yourself. You will visit lands far away, unknown to mankind, you’ll watch them getting discovered and getting swept away in time. You will travel places far from the human grasp only by sitting in your couch.IMG_153331903913833[1]


People will look up to you. They will know that when they talk to you, they will have tons of fables to listen to, and people will assemble at your feet on a cold, winter evening by the fireside, to hear your voice narrating that tale and to live it with you, just like you did.  They will get shivers each time you say “Once upon a time..” yet with legs crossed they will pay attention to each and every word that drips out of your tongue.

My dear, humble reader, you’ll be able to speak aloud thoughts that you never thought resided within you, you’ll subconsciously unlock them and marvel at them-the thoughts that lay at some far remote corner of your mind.

And lastly, you my kind, cherished and intrigued reader, shall live life in a very thoughtful, fanciful and imaginative way- treasuring the value of every small moment in your life and knowing their importance-storing them to be discovered yet again.

You shall be the very box of magic, which when opened leads the passage to a thousand doorways of lands possessing breathtaking stories of extraordinary characters ready to be lived and discovered again. You shall own the key to the unknown. You will be complete my friend, and the best of all, no matter how much you read, it would never be enough.


Dear reader, I hope you keep visiting lands and sailing oceans, moving mountains and discovering strange woods with unusual inhabitants and baffling stories. I hope you see beauty in the clouds and the flight of the birds, I hope you see wonder in those loud and splattering waterfalls and I hope that one day amidst the magic and felicity, you find yourself.

Winter Is Coming

The volatile nature of the weather is ambiguously related to that of humans. Call it the comforting hum of a drizzle or the electric yellow of a bright sunny day. Weather, along with plenty of other stimulators , is a great catalyst to the sensitive human emotions. I’m taking my own example here, rainfall automatically forces me to ponder. Think. Think so much that I start to get worried. And then I get into a bad mood. Silly, maybe?

I’ve asked plenty of people about it. Each one of them had an entirely different interpretation regarding the weather. Some said spring made them lazy (I have no idea how). If I become selfish and talk about myself here (which I will) winters make me happy. I know, it’s weird. But there is this cold, damp, smoothness about winters that captivates my emotions and lifts up the mood.

I anxiously wait for winters to come. For the dry earth to moisten by the soft drizzles and later transform into a bedspread of white pearly snow although I haven’t seen or felt snow (it doesn’t snow here) but my imagination has done a commendable job in making making me experience it.

The warmth of christmas always ready to comfort the cold dry steams of human breath, in this misapprehended weather. Everything has a refuge, in the sombre snug winters. A cup of hot chocolate, in a warm blanket, near a fire place, in the middle of the night. Doesn’t that sound magically tempting?


Winters give a pause to the rush of the turbulent human routine. When we don’t have time to stop! Look around. Appreciate the small little things in life. This weather gives us a chance. A chance to live with the gifts we were bestowed with i.e Love. Joy. Elation. Winters makes us realize the lushness of the greenery and appreciate its value as well.

How we miss the pastures!
How we miss the trees!
It makes us love the peaceful nature.
Bestowed with miracles, indeed!

Winter give ways to new beginnings. New ambitions. New emotions. A new year. They mold us and prepare us for the hardships of life- at the same time reminding us that it’s all worth it!

Giving away the philosophical aura, winters have always lulled me into an overwhelming embrace, softly swaying me in a warm infinity. They have always been a friend to me, reviving me, enthralling me and inspiring me towards the thought that it doesn’t matter if you’re cold or white or copious, you’re always beautiful. There’s always someone who’s relying on every little inch of you. That, my friend, is what this season means to me.

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.”
― John SteinbeckTravels with Charley: In Search of America


“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”
― Lewis CarrollAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Oh C’mon! Be a Girl!

I go to this really cool store that sells these realllyyyyy cool fandom t-shirts that you’re gonna die if you see. I pick one ‘Batman’ t-shirt. It has a big and angry batman face over it and I’m about to turn around to show it to my friend when she says “Oh C’mon Aakansha! Be A Girl!”

I look around awkwardly, clearly incredulous. THIS particular statement is not new to me. People have said it so many times that now I’m kinda immune to it.

‘Aakansha..wear more colors. Don’t just stick to black all the time.’
‘Aakansha heels and dresses..Be A Girl.’
‘Aakansha..stick your head in a dustbin .. Be A Girl.’

I go to lots of parties with my friends..hang out almost every other day and there is a lot of versatility in my group of five. I wear t-shirt, there’s a girl who has never worn a t-shirt, two boys who don’t give a crap about what they wear (that’s why I love boys) and another girl (my bestie) who’s just like me.

There are two other girls who used to hang out with us. They too have never worn a t-shirt and think of it as something lame people wear. Someone who doesn’t know how to dress up. They look at me differently. Like if I don’t dress up I’m somewhat inferior to them.

The thing is I too love all these things, every girl does. But I’m not crazy and maniacally retarded about all this. I don’t go yelling inside a store ‘OMG! New Shoes!’ .. ‘OMG! New Dress!’ and I certainly don’t judge people based on what they wear. I’d prefer a Game Of Thrones t-shirt over a new dress ANY DAY.

(Is there anyone who watches Game of Thrones here?)

I love that store. I mean trust me, I could spend my entire life there. It is all decorated with these really cool posters of all the superheroes, bands and star wars merchandise. It’s so hysterically awesome I start drooling every time I pass by it. There are Batman flip-flops and Flash PJ’s. OMG. ❤

“But Aakansha, guys don’t like girls like that”

“Well fine by me! I don’t prefer a queue of boys waiting in line for my rejection. Someday there’ll be someone who’ll love my kind of girls and that person would be awesome.”

I cannot wear the kind of stuff they do. To be honest, I don’t even understand all that crap. Combining things-like matching neck-pieces and heels. It’s difficult and uncomfortable and confusing.

I’m 18. Just got into college. I just have 1 dress that is totally black which I bought for a fancy dress party as I was a witch and one pair of heels which I HAD to purchase for my farewell. I don’t own any other dress or heels or bags apart from it. There-I said it! I’m not ashamed of it.

I was talking to this one girl in my class when I was in 12th grade. I said I hadn’t bought any heels for the farewell. She said “Oh what’s the need to buy why don’t you just wear something you already have?”

“Umm, I don’t have any heels”

People, you should have seen her expression. She looked at me with eyes so wide it appeared as if they would pop out and start bouncing all around. It’s like I did some crime by not owning a pair of heels.

I have loads of shoes, sneakers and crocs. Loads of sweatshirts-LOADS of fandom and superhero t-shirts. And the one pair of heels I bought is still resting in its box and never saw daylight again.

My question is- Is it absolutely necessary to wear stilettos to clarify yourself as a girl? To fulfill the conditions on a checklist?

  • Bags-Check.
  • Shoes-Check.
  • Dress-Check
  • Eye-liner-Check.
  • Pout-Check.

Congratulations, you’re a girl.

It’s just WHO I AM. I like wearing t-shirts with my favorite prints and people and tv-shows and bands on it. I have a different personality. I don’t sit in a cafe with my friend and keep taking selfies because I dressed up good while my friend is busy talking to me trying to have a real conversation (Yep, this has happened to me).

I don’t go crazy if I don’t have ANYTHING to wear to a party. I don’t go and scavenge every market and store before I find ‘The Perfect Dress.’ I don’t wear make-up everyday. I have NEVER made a pout in any of my pictures. I don’t go around indirectly singing how perfect or beautiful I am while pretending to be modest because, in all honesty I’M NOT. I’m flawed and I won’t transform myself into a society that forces us to mold into the puppets it wants us to become.

I’m not claiming that those kind of girls are bad or idiots. But I face this everyday. I have this Eminem t-shirt with his face on it and one girl comes to me and says “Iski shirt dekho” (Look at her shirt). It’s just not fare to girls like us.

Reading books makes me a geek. Not dressing up makes me a nerd or a person with no sense of fashion. Not buying dresses makes me ‘Not A Girl.’

I wanted to write about this since a long time. It’s just frustrating although it doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m gonna buy those Flash PJ’s anyway. 😀 😀


whitch one tomboy or girly girl


Happy Diwali!


Okay so although I’m incredibly busy today with the final preparations for the evening and the wrapping and opening of the presents and stuff-I took out the time to wish each one of you (because I love you all) a very very happy, prosperous and glittering Diwali.

Even though you won’t celebrate it you’re all still a part of this felicity with me and I’m more than happy to share this day with you all.

Loads of blessings from India to anyone reading this post. 🙂

Happy Diwali. 🙂

Faith vs Superstition

So it happened like this:

Me and my best friend were in one of those ‘late-night-conversations’ (and by late night I mean 4 am in the morning). Bring those eyebrows down; it’s very common for us to talk this late and we never run out of topics. Usually it’s one of those ‘what’ll happen 10 years from now’ kind of chats. We both get really emotional and most of the time it ends up with me assuring him that he wouldn’t lose me even if some guy comes later in my life.

But apart from the sappy teddy bears we are we’re also great debaters (actually, he’s better) but every time we raise a debatable topic we have a pretty fruitful conversation that ends up with us either not talking to each other or with a mutual agreement with the topic OR calling a third person and settling the dispute between us before there occurs a bloodshed.

That night we were talking about ‘Superstition’ and ‘Faith.’

“Aakansha, what are your thoughts on God?” he asked me.

“I believe in a higher power regardless of how people might ‘tag’ it. Some call it Jesus, some Shiva, Some Allah. It doesn’t matter how you picture it but I believe there’s something always watching us and guiding us throughout. Something bigger and mightier and powerful in every aspect. Something beyond the mortal grasp.” I said.

You see he’s an atheist. He doesn’t believe in any sort of God. Something happened in his life that forced him to stick to that notion. Anyway.

“I won’t argue with that thought but I think it’s all just bullsh*t. No one has seen him, no one has felt him-hell they can’t even picture him in unison and they say he’s protecting us, loving us-dumbas*es. Thousands and lakhs of rupees are spent on decorating and maintaining these stupid idols of those trillion forms of Gods. So much money is spent on so called worshiping them and impressing them. The Hindu temples offer milk and sweets to statues made of sand and clay.

They claim to eradicate poverty but are spending fortunes on things that ultimately go in the dump. Over 50% of the Indian population is starving and homeless. Instead of ‘impressing’ those Gods they could friking donate and help these people.”

Honestly, I agreed to what he said.

“Look,” I said “I understand and I completely agree. It cannot be denied that people are wasting both money and material on things that are trivial. I don’t believe in idol worship. I don’t believe in the innumerable superstitions that Hindu mythology harbors.

  • You don’t wake up every morning and pray to God and light incense and offer fruits you won’t be blessed.
  • You don’t remember all the various ‘Aartis’ of the Goddesses you won’t be blessed.
  • Go to the temple every Monday.
  • Fasting to prove your loyalty to your God.

I don’t even want to take the time to mention all of them.

Anyway. The thing is, you don’t have to go to extreme levels to impress statues made of clay. You don’t have to keep yourselves hungry to prove your love for someone. You sure as hell don’t have to spend millions on organizing ‘Kathas’ for Gods. You want to feel secure? Are you afraid who you’re gonna turn up to in times of need?

Just have faith. There’s not a thin but a very wide line that separate the two. Have faith in times of adversity that things will get better. Faith and hope are perhaps the only two things stronger than fear. I have been lucky enough to literally experience miracles, situations like ‘Holy crap did this even happen?!’ (in a very good sense). The so called ‘Gods’ job is to make you feel that you’re not alone and give you strength. There’s no point in worshiping if you still feel hollow inside like a chestnut shell.

No point in showing people that you’re a religious person. All you gotta do is believe. Faith is an important virtue to sustain life. You cannot live without the hope that better things are waiting. Because normally you might be independent of any sorts of dependence. But when life hits you hard you hold on to the last leaf. The last strand of straw in the gushing, thunderous ocean. THAT  is when you need faith. That is when you look around for hope and find it in the most unforeseen places  and THAT is when you actually find faith offering you its hands.”

Analogically speaking: “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” -Roald Dahl.

He was silent for awhile then said, “God, you’re so boring but I’m impressed.”

“Shut up a**hole. You asked for it.”

“Lol. On a serious note, I think that makes perfect sense. I hope I can find faith in the most unexpected corners of the world. Until then, I have you.”

“We should go to sleep now. It’s late” I lied.



And we hung up. For the record, I couldn’t sleep and neither could he.

Adulthood: Please Stay Far Away

Okay, I turned 18 like 6 months back, but today as I was going through one of my sudden bursts of cogitation, I realized that I hadn’t written anything about how freaked out I was when the clock struck 12:00 on the night of 10th of April. Even when I was 12 or 13, 14, 15 I freaked out every single year thinking I’m one step closer to ‘being responsible.’ I understand that no one likes to age, but my fear doesn’t lie in the fact that I’ll have wrinkles on my skin but that I’m not ready for THIS.

I DON’T WANT TO GROW UP. PERIOD. I get so terrified even on the slightest thought of taking care of a family. I can’t even take care of myself let alone a family. Ugh!
God. I want to be a kid. Forever. I want to be reckless. I want to go to school, come back, go to play, finish my homework and go to sleep. It’s funny how when I was young I couldn’t wait to grow up. It’s even funnier how now I would give anything to be 10 again.


I remember the night of my 18th birthday; my elder brother succeeded in making things worse and heightening my paranoia, “You’re 18 now, you’re an adult-YOU’RE NO MORE A KID. Muaahahahahahah”

Whenever I catch myself thinking about what I’d do and where I will be in 5-10 years, I take that picture off my head and throw it as far away as possible, but it still remains in the far corner of my mind like a ghost hovering above me, ready to swallow me down. I don’t mean to be rude. But unfortunately, I’m not counted in the “OMG, I can’t want to get married” kind of girls. Of course everyone has their own sweet choices. But as for me, nothing scares me more than my future (and a cockroach).

I think a lot. I think so much and then get so worried. It’s like this hysteria of freaking out. Whether or not I’ll get a good job, or if I’ll be able to achieve all that I aspire. I’m scared if I wont be the same person I am today. Maybe age will change me. Make me an ADULT. I won’t be able to scream out of happiness. Or maybe laugh my heart out for silly things-like the present day. What if I don’t get excited when I get a new toothbrush. (Yes, I love my toothbrush-deal with it).

I know it’s not that bad. Growing up has it’s own perks. But I don’t want to travel alone, or eat alone or go home from work .. Alone. What if I don’t get the same kind of amazing friends I have now. We’re in college and we’ve already traded our separate ways. Not that we haven’t been in touch. But ambitions have taken over the better part of us.

I want time to slow down. It’s October and in 2 months we’ll have a new year, 2015. I mean ’14 JUST started right? Does it happen with everyone? I wonder if time pranks us and moves at a faster pace after a certain age. I want someone to not tell me but assure me that it will be all right. I’ll make it through. Everybody does. *Sigh*

Anyway, I hope what I think of adulthood isn’t the reality. I can only hope.

Okay. It’s happening again. I’m freaking out.

Regal Rajasthan

I really really love travel blogs. They practically take you to distant lands, sucking you from the computer screens and making you experience those wild exotic places. All you need is an imagination to feel it. I just wish I traveled more often so as to have a travel blog of my own. Anyway, until that splendid day comes I’m happy to share a travel experience.

I visited this mystical land in December 2012 or practically 2013 because we boarded the train on 31st of December- 12:00 am. Yep, we celebrated New Years at the railway station! It was a school trip we’d been waiting for and were practically on our toes when its announcement was made. Anyway, those 7 days were perhaps the most fun, magical and the highest level of amazing days I’d spent.

Right, so we boarded the train on the night of 31st December, 2012 and we cut the cake right there on the station along with the count down and stuff-Perfect Beginning. It was one of the coldest nights of winters and while most of the travelers snuggled in blankets and drank a hot cup of tea and even though we were shivering we didn’t mind, because it was all happening, we were all travelling to the far west of India-together.

To all those who don’t know, Rajasthan also known as the Land Of Kingdoms or Land of Kings is perhaps the most culturally rich state of India and has artistic and cultural traditions which reflect the ancient Indian way of life. It is a land of mystical stories and charms and while the whole world has moved to his era of machines and flat screens Rajasthan has still carefully treasured its values and culture.

We happened to visit the city of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. One known for the innumerably scattered and architecturally brilliant castles built years ago by Kings who ruled the city while one famous for the inhospitable yet a beauty in its own-The Thar Desert. We’ll get to that.

So Jodhpur is also known as the Blue City because all the houses and I mean LITERALLY all the houses there are painted blue. So when you look at it from a wider point of view, the city looks like this enormous gigantic blue painting or to say it more poetically-it’s like the sky came down and perched on Earth.


Can you see the Blue Color? Amazing isn’t it?

Here’s a picture I took from the top of the famous ‘Mehrangarh Fort.’ Trust me, this fort was magnificently huge and cold. Yes, cold. What happened was, as soon as we reached our stop and hopped out of the bus it was pretty hot so we took off our jackets and headed towards that enormous gate. And believe me the moment we took the first step in the castle we had to quickly unzip our backpacks and rush for our windbreakers and sweatshirts.

The castle is built in such a way that it is NEVER HOT inside. And let me notify you that in the  summer months of May-June Rajasthan is perhaps the hottest state with temperatures recorded up to 45.4 deg C but the castle always remained cool. THAT is how brilliant the architecture is. It’s like the hot summer winds become null here.They didn’t need air conditioners to survive summers. Haha. The fort stands four hundred feet above the sky line of Jodhpur. It is located at the center of the city spreading over 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) atop a high hill.

This is a picture of the Mehrangarh Fort I took from the bus:

Mehrangarh Fort

Mehrangarh Fort

And yes, the walls of this port still fashion the cannons which were used at the time of war and we kinda sat on them as we’re such bad asses while we were on the roof. Yep, the roof that means the highest point you can see on the walls. We visited several other places in Jodhpur, but I won’t go into their detail as this one stands out.

Our next stop was the city of Jaisalmer. It’s an 8 hour drive from Jodhpur and we stopped for a break on the highway in a nearby restaurant. After reaching Jaisalmer we had some delicious and purely Indian lunch and then we headed straight for the most awaited destination (at least for me) the Thar Desert.

Now the buses sure as hell cannot travel to the core of the dense and inhospitable sand dunes,so there is another more cheaper and economical way to travel to the epicenter of the desert-Camels. Yep, like taxi stands we were dropped at Camel Stands and there were hundreds of camels sitting in line waiting for a customer. Here’s a picture:

Camel Taxi (I like to call it that).

And this ship of the desert carried us to the core of it smoothly and comfortably. It was a bumpy and a fun ride! We spent our evening in the desert and as ironic it may sound but however cruel and merciless the deserts are thought of; this plethora of sand welcomed us with open arms. We’ve never had so much fun playing and running in acres and acres of sand. Miles of  sand dunes stretching all around. Slowly the evening began to fall and the temperature started to cool, swarming the place with freezing cold temperatures desert nights usually are famous for.


Sunset in the Thar Desert. DSC04179

We enjoyed the serene sunset and then made our way back to the hotel. Yes, HOTEL. In the middle of the desert. They are a series of 300-400 tents known as ‘Tent Hotels’ or ‘Osian Camps’  and believe me as incredulous as it may sound, they are a luxury. They are located in the heart of the desert so that you may have the raw experience of living in the wild.

And since Jaisalmer comes in one of the best destinations for star-gazing, when I looked up to the sky while on the phone with my parents, I was in awe. It was the most beautiful, cherubic and panoramic view I had ever seen in my life. There were so many stars, literally SO MANY and so close to each other and so low that I felt I could touch them just by leaning up a little.

That’s me on the phone exactly a second before I looked up to the sky. This picture was clicked by my friend.

We spent the night with bonfires and stories. Cheers and laughter, comfortable silences, keeping each other warm with love and appreciation and kind of nostalgic thinking that school would finish in just an year.The breathtaking view of the star studded ceiling above acted as a silent guardian watching us, amused seeing these little 17 year olds-ambitious to take over the world yet too innocent to face it alone. It was bittersweet, a kind of sad I did not mind and a kind of happy that made me appreciate these little things in life. I wanted that moment to freeze. Just stay still until I’ve had enough.

Travel often people, for it when you travel you understand the beauty of life. Far from luxury cars or high-rise buildings, from the traffic and chaos to this peaceful refuge eager to wash away your disconcerts and fears and embrace you in its purity.


This was our Room-209 or I should rather say Tent-209. 🙂









Note: My apologies if the photos are not potentially accurate, I’m not a photographer. :\ That’s all I could manage with my camera. 

So that’s it for the Rajasthan Tour. Hope you all had a great time! 😀


Eat. Pray. Love.

What a beautiful thought yet sadly not inculcated by today’s generation. People no more see the qualities in a human being, but when the first eye-contact is made they try to find their flaws. The small little things that maybe they didn’t plan on happening but they just did, they target their ‘Achilles Heel.’

It’s like the human has blocked itself from seeing the beauty of things. Even if they feel drawn towards something they try desperately hard to suppress it. Even if they find something great in a person or a song or maybe a piece of art, they never come forward and confess how much they love it. It’s like it’s some kind of a weakness of their own.

I say-Why not shout out to them? Why not express it and maybe make someone’s day. You’re not losing anything. Don’t move on-STOP! Stop right there and tell that guy his watch looks great! Tell your colleague she looks absolutely beautiful today! Compliment the waiter at a restaurant for the excellent service and food even if he doesn’t ask for your reviews (I’ve done it and you should have seen the smile on his face).

Try to make someone’s day today. Be nicer, be kinder to each other. Presenting yourself as witty all the time will never portray a good image of you, believe me. It will leave you sour and bitter.

Please don’t try to find the bad in everything. Don’t remind people of their weaknesses. They’re already aware of them. Instead, tell them how amazing they are and how blessed you are to have known them. How truly wondrous and unblemished their soul is. How nice it is to have them in your life.

Even if they disagree-say it with such unwavering honesty that they’re forced to believe you.

Midnight Ramblings!

So it’s the middle of the night here and I literally have nothing to do. Like absolutely nothing. So I’m taking refuge here, on my blog and typing anything that comes on my mind.

Well, I reached a 101 followers yesterday so that’s something to cheer for. I can mentally pop up a champagne. The surprising thing is, I’m always ready for reading. Like if I’m dying and the reaper comes to fetch my soul I’ll ask for some time to finish my book before departing and offer him like coffee or something to you know just chill till I finish my last chapter. But tonight, it’s different. I don’t feel like reading which I feel really guilty about and which is a very rare thing. I can almost see my ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ crying.

What’s wrong? It’s terrible. Everyone (and that means my parents) is fast asleep and there’s no sound except for the tapping of my keyboard. My 2 best friends are both occupied.

One is fast asleep as her parents are quite strict about the time schedule.
One is busy packing as he’s leaving for New Delhi tomorrow morning.

So I’m on my own guys. Have got college tomorrow morning-which is nothing to look forward to. Good thing is my another close friend will be back from New Delhi on 18th for Diwali.

Not the best friend. Wait, I’ll explain-
There are 5 people who are close to me as I have, mentioned in my ‘About’ page. In which 2 of them are my Best Friends-like they literally qualify every checklist or a condition for a person to be your best friend.

3 of them are my close friends. One girl lives in Delhi (she’s the one who’s coming back from Delhi on 18th) and 2 other guys who are close too but live here only. It’s a little confusing, I know. But that’s who I am. And that’s my small little world.

So yeah, she’s coming back and that’s something to look forward to. Diwali is round the corner people. Less than 10 days. The preparations have already begun at my place.

What else?

One thing I’d like to say today, this blog made me if not meet but come across  some absolutely wonderful and truly blessed souls. I may have talked to them once or twice or thrice-but they’re just so awesome I almost wish I could meet them personally as I need people like these in my life.

You may think of it as some sugar coating but kindness-it doesn’t cost a damn thing so I sprinkle that sh*t everywhere! 🙂 Moreover I don’t think there’s anything wrong in complimenting people here and there!
These are the people that I’m so glad I met through my blog: David-You had to be the first one! 😀 Jimmy! You’re an amazing person who gives me free tours of L.A 😛 One talented photographer you are! 🙂 Roopesh! Perhaps the only Indian blog pal I have. LOL. You’re awesome too! You seem like a nice person though we haven’t talked much! Dominic-Reserved but seems like a good person! Surprisingly this fellow half-introvert guy (whose name I don’t know) is a good friend too 😀

I wish there was a longer list, but so far I’ve managed to accumulate this much! 🙂

P.s-I had a 102nd follower just now. Yaay! 😛


My dreams are weird films,
Of images wide and clear,
With messages hard to decipher,
Like it happened last night.


It shows me not planets but people,
Moments of life I’d like to be extraordinary,
Things I’d wish they would happen,
And it does this with such skilled fingers,
That I wake up sour and bitter.


It’s amazing that last night,
How precise my dream was,
Deprived of all the flaws,
Each event synchronized,
With my intense desires.


The words were precise,
Like I wanted them to be,
Which you possibly couldn’t see,
Because I kept them inside.


And for the first time I felt,
Dreams were better than reality,
But I hate them for their perfection,
And for plundering the inside of me.

Note: This actually happened, for real. I wish I could describe you how wonderful it was. And since it was such a perfect dream I could not find an equally perfect picture. And the words I wrote are the mere projection of how I felt. 

Sorry Mom, No Hugs.

Please don’t turn bitter towards me and start despising me and contemplate to strangle me in my sleep. I have some very understandable reasons (or at least I think I have) for choosing the above title.

So today while I sat alone in a far corner of my college campus, which I usually do as I love seclusion and I don’t really have any friends (I’m not a bad person, but I’m an introvert) which is very ironic since I had a swarm of friends at school. But only because I have troubles initiating conversation with people I don’t know,  most of the time I prefer and I’m seen sitting alone under a tree on the far south side of the main building.

So while I was busy planning how totally amazing my Dussehra holidays are going to be since my friends will be back from other cities, I overheard two girls talking as they passed me by “I told everything that happened to mom, and she hugged me and said it’s okay” said the shorter one. “Really? My mom too-in fact she held my hand and said she’s with me always” said the slightly taller one with ridiculously long hair.

I glanced a look at them and as their conversation quickly changed to how delicious Aloo ka paratha is and as they fluttered back to the main campus for class, I wondered what its like to share. How could they NOT feel awkward? Over 80% of the girls usually share everything with their mom, as a sign of affection or as a sign of trust-whatever the reason may be I never really understood, but fortunately or unfortunately this has never been my case.

I’m an adult now (only by age and numerical terms-otherwise, trust me, I’m a total goofball) yet not once have I had ‘the moment’ with my mom. How can girls share everything with their mums? Isn’t it gawky? When I sit with my mom it’s mostly the fun I had or whose leg I pulled today or how atrociously hideous my life is and she you know just gestures the ‘I understand’ nod and the next thing is I’m on my couch watching the latest season of The Voice (awesome show btw).

Not that she doesn’t care or I don’t care but it has been the same since the beginning. I don’t remember I ever hugged my mom (except when in middle school I had this alarmingly scaring nightmare and wanted to plunge to the first living thing I found near me) let alone kissing. When I was a budding teenager-all quirky and fussy-my mom did try exceptionally hard to make me confide in her, but it just didn’t work.

You see, I have never been a princess or the head of the cheer leading squad with too much gossip to share or too many boys to put on hook, I have always been a skinny jeans and Jimi-Hendrix t-shirt girl, wearing spectacles since the dawn of time, having a ridiculously large number of celebrity crushes and always carrying my fiction in my backpack, so I never really had SOMETHING to share with my mom.

And as time passed my mom was cool with it. I think somewhere inside she knows or as my elder brother says I grew up too fast, so I wont get into any trouble. Not that I don’t appreciate emotional dependence but I have to say I’m better off without it. I love my mom and there’s nothing in this world that can change that, but my way of showing it is different. I don’t necessarily believe in hugging or long awkward ‘I adore you’ stares, but I never let her carry heavy bags or go somewhere by a bus when I’m there at home to drop her off.

I’d like to end here. This issue was in my mind for years and finally it’s out. There isn’t really a conclusion or answer to my situation, but it is what it is.

And yes, I’d like to inform everyone that I won’t be posting anything for at least a week now. Yep, festive season (the Dussehra holidays I mentioned above). Hope you all have a good and blissful week, feel free to get in touch in case you miss me. 🙂


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