Oh C’mon! Be a Girl!

I go to this really cool store that sells these realllyyyyy cool fandom t-shirts that you’re gonna die if you see. I pick one ‘Batman’ t-shirt. It has a big and angry batman face over it and I’m about to turn around to show it to my friend when she says “Oh C’mon Aakansha! Be A Girl!”

I look around awkwardly, clearly incredulous. THIS particular statement is not new to me. People have said it so many times that now I’m kinda immune to it.

‘Aakansha..wear more colors. Don’t just stick to black all the time.’
‘Aakansha ..buy heels and dresses..Be A Girl.’
‘Aakansha..stick your head in a dustbin .. Be A Girl.’

I go to lots of parties with my friends..hang out almost every other day and there is a lot of versatility in my group of five. I wear t-shirt, there’s a girl who has never worn a t-shirt, two boys who don’t give a crap about what they wear (that’s why I love boys) and another girl (my bestie) who’s just like me.

There are two other girls who used to hang out with us. They too have never worn a t-shirt and think of it as something lame people wear. Someone who doesn’t know how to dress up. They look at me differently. Like if I don’t dress up I’m somewhat inferior to them.

The thing is I too love all these things, every girl does. But I’m not crazy and maniacally retarded about all this. I don’t go yelling inside a store ‘OMG! New Shoes!’ .. ‘OMG! New Dress!’ and I certainly don’t judge people based on what they wear. I’d prefer a Game Of Thrones t-shirt over a new dress ANY DAY.

(Is there anyone who watches Game of Thrones here?)

I love that store. I mean trust me, I could spend my entire life there. It is all decorated with these really cool posters of all the superheroes, bands and star wars merchandise. It’s so hysterically awesome I start drooling every time I pass by it. There are Batman flip-flops and Flash PJ’s. OMG. ❤

“But Aakansha, guys don’t like girls like that”

“Well fine by me! I don’t prefer a queue of boys waiting in line for my rejection. Someday there’ll be someone who’ll love my kind of girls and that person would be awesome.”

I cannot wear the kind of stuff they do. To be honest, I don’t even understand all that crap. Combining things-like matching neck-pieces and heels. It’s difficult and uncomfortable and confusing.

I’m 18. Just got into college. I just have 1 dress that is totally black which I bought for a fancy dress party as I was a witch and one pair of heels which I HAD to purchase for my farewell. I don’t own any other dress or heels or bags apart from it. There-I said it! I’m not ashamed of it.

I was talking to this one girl in my class when I was in 12th grade. I said I hadn’t bought any heels for the farewell. She said “Oh what’s the need to buy why don’t you just wear something you already have?”

“Umm, I don’t have any heels”

People, you should have seen her expression. She looked at me with eyes so wide it appeared as if they would pop out and start bouncing all around. It’s like I did some crime by not owning a pair of heels.

I have loads of shoes, sneakers and crocs. Loads of sweatshirts-LOADS of fandom and superhero t-shirts. And the one pair of heels I bought is still resting in its box and never saw daylight again.

My question is- Is it absolutely necessary to wear stilettos to clarify yourself as a girl? To fulfill the conditions on a checklist?

  • Bags-Check.
  • Shoes-Check.
  • Dress-Check
  • Eye-liner-Check.
  • Pout-Check.

Congratulations, you’re a girl.

It’s just WHO I AM. I like wearing t-shirts with my favorite prints and people and tv-shows and bands on it. I have a different personality. I don’t sit in a cafe with my friend and keep taking selfies because I dressed up good while my friend is busy talking to me trying to have a real conversation (Yep, this has happened to me).

I don’t go crazy if I don’t have ANYTHING to wear to a party. I don’t go and scavenge every market and store before I find ‘The Perfect Dress.’ I don’t wear make-up everyday. I have NEVER made a pout in any of my pictures. I don’t go around indirectly singing how perfect or beautiful I am while pretending to be modest because, in all honesty I’M NOT. I’m flawed and I won’t transform myself into a society that forces us to mold into the puppets it wants us to become.

I’m not claiming that those kind of girls are bad or idiots. But I face this everyday. I have this Eminem t-shirt with his face on it and one girl comes to me and says “Iski shirt dekho” (Look at her shirt). It’s just not fare to girls like us.

Reading books makes me a geek. Not dressing up makes me a nerd or a person with no sense of fashion. Not buying dresses makes me ‘Not A Girl.’

I wanted to write about this since a long time. It’s just frustrating although it doesn’t bother me anymore. I’m gonna buy those Flash PJ’s anyway. 😀 😀


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