Dear Reader

Do me a favor, will you? Start Reading. Take out one book everyday, read a single page, hell read a paragraph if you can, but read. Just read. Why am I asking you this? Let me explain you today, why the people who read are better at mostly all the things they do.

The world would be such a better place if people just read. Not the Teen Vogue, not the tech-magazine, but read the words and experiences of the writers who took years to pen down their thoughts, their imagination and their pain. Read, my friend and you will know what madness is. You will know what addiction and depression is. You will live and experience exactly what they did. Whether it is the drunken lover scribbling in the middle of the night, writing prose for his beloved or it maybe a small room brimming with scrolls of texts and stories lying haphazardly, written long before you were born, resting in the layers of dust assembled over time, waiting to be read all over again, to tell their story once again.



You will pass through so many bodies and live the life of people you’ve never known. You’ll gain their experiences and collect their wisdom and their lessons. In this way, dear reader, you’ll become more wise, more insightful. You will experience love and heartbreak, loyalty and betrayal, all through those flat, rectangular pieces of magic called books.

You, dear reader, will make an amazing lover. Because you will know and understand love from inside out, and experience its every miniscule phase. Whether it’s unrequited love or just pure, blissful, maddening love. You will know what it’s like to break someone’s heart and what it’s like to have a heart broken. You will know it all, so you would never hurt anyone, only because you will understand it from both the sides-the broker and the broken.  Loving you would be like loving a thousand different souls.

You will experience deaths and births of character others will never get to know. You will weep in their joy and adversity, you will live with them right till the end, until you finish the very last chapter of their brief story and wish you could live it all over again. My dear dubious reader, with each book you finish you’ll become more cognitive, you’ll understand the human world all the more better, you’ll learn to empathize with people, understand their sorrow, give them pieces of broken advices you learnt from a character in a story you read years before- it will come back to you like electricity.

You”ll have friends that live in books. Friends who will never leave you, and if you put the book down they’ll wait for you patiently to come back and read again. They will understand you and listen to you, they will never leave you alone or let you down.

And the best part of all, dear reader, you’ll have so many adventures to tell, so many stories to narrate, you’ll be an explorer in yourself. You will visit lands far away, unknown to mankind, you’ll watch them getting discovered and getting swept away in time. You will travel places far from the human grasp only by sitting in your couch.IMG_153331903913833[1]


People will look up to you. They will know that when they talk to you, they will have tons of fables to listen to, and people will assemble at your feet on a cold, winter evening by the fireside, to hear your voice narrating that tale and to live it with you, just like you did.  They will get shivers each time you say “Once upon a time..” yet with legs crossed they will pay attention to each and every word that drips out of your tongue.

My dear, humble reader, you’ll be able to speak aloud thoughts that you never thought resided within you, you’ll subconsciously unlock them and marvel at them-the thoughts that lay at some far remote corner of your mind.

And lastly, you my kind, cherished and intrigued reader, shall live life in a very thoughtful, fanciful and imaginative way- treasuring the value of every small moment in your life and knowing their importance-storing them to be discovered yet again.

You shall be the very box of magic, which when opened leads the passage to a thousand doorways of lands possessing breathtaking stories of extraordinary characters ready to be lived and discovered again. You shall own the key to the unknown. You will be complete my friend, and the best of all, no matter how much you read, it would never be enough.


Dear reader, I hope you keep visiting lands and sailing oceans, moving mountains and discovering strange woods with unusual inhabitants and baffling stories. I hope you see beauty in the clouds and the flight of the birds, I hope you see wonder in those loud and splattering waterfalls and I hope that one day amidst the magic and felicity, you find yourself.

24 thoughts on “Dear Reader

  1. I agree. Reading a book lets you view everything from the character’s eyes, grants you a new perspective, that no other media of story-telling can do. That is, besides the joy it gives anyway..
    One question though, does detective novels and blogs count ? 😛
    My best friends regard me as ‘completely emotionless’ since I tend to avoid the love stories that fill you all with tears 😛 ..

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  2. Absolutely. Everyone has a different genre. Always remember, the story was written by someones enlightened sole. Be it fantasy, romance, adventure or crime as in your case. They are the hard-work of a lonely man sitting and scribbling at midnight.

    Each book has a different story to tell. The story of the characters and the story of the author who wrote it as well.

    There’s no such thing as ’emotionless’. You have ‘intrigue’ because you read detective stories.
    Keep Reading! 🙂


      • YES! Good and prolific writers are usually lonely people scribbling through the night. They are sorrowful, recluse and poetic. That’s what makes them different. As of current generation writers, they’re more social on the out-front but inside there resides that solitary man who helps in penning down their isolated thoughts. 🙂


  3. Lol I think folk like me might your worst enemy. I usually read books get distracted and never read them after that. I rarely finish a book unless its for an assignment or something.


    • Then you’re missing out on some great adventures. That’s okay. I know a lot of people who don’t read. It’s different for different people.
      In my case, it’s art. I can’t seem to figure out beauty in weird paintings. I look at them, scrunch my face and think ‘What is so extraordinary about that?’

      Anyway, I can only hope you begin to read in the future. It’s a good and beneficial habit.
      Good Luck! 🙂
      (Psst..I’ve heard your radio thing on Atherz blog) 😛

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      • Yep lol. He did put me on blast like that. I told him yeah he could put my picture up but I didn’t know he was going to burn me like that. :/


        • You shouldn’t be fussy about it. It was fun! 😀
          I’ve done 4-5 shows on radio too. 😀
          My aunt works in a radio station and somehow loves me entirely. 😛

          Claims that I’m a good speaker. So I spoke on the radio occasionally. IT’S REALLY AWESOME.

          With all those buttons and disks around me, I felt like the coolest person on Earth. 😛

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          • Awesome lol. That’s the power of the radio. It can make or break people. As for the radio it feels fun but it can get really nerve racking when i’m on my own. When I do it with out planning I feel a little better but when I actually do plan I get afraid when my plans fail cuz that’s when I feel like I have nothing to stand on.


  4. I not only agree whole-heartedly, but you are in fact, preaching to the choir. I think I was born with a book in my hands, and I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have at least one, and usually more than one, piece of reading material on the go at any given time. But I love that you took the time away from your reading to encourage others to do the same and I am very glad that a young blogster at Novelacious sent me your way. Now that I’ve checked out your site, I shall be back, and I will read you then. Thanks again for the great post.

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    • ‘Born with a book in my hands.’ Loved that phrase!
      Thank you so much sir.

      I really want more and more people to imbibe the habit of reading as more than half of our generation have affixed themselves to their flat screens and smart phones.

      Let’s call it a very pleasant and fortunate happenstance that you bumped across my blog.
      Thank you for stopping by and for that truly appreciative comment.

      You’re always welcome to stop by!


      • Actually, I just did stop by, and comment on another of you posts in which you discuss your thoughts on Not marrying a military man. I sincerely hope you won’t find my comment there at all out of line, as I wouldn’t want to do anything to harm my newest friendship with someone who appreciates the joy of reading as much as I. I really enjoyed that article also. Read you later.

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