The Beauty of a ‘Monsieur’


So I fired up my computer in hopes of writing something (quite obviously) but this is definitely NOT what I had in mind. Writing an article appreciating men? Duh? Remember Beyonce – “Who run the world? Girls!” And then I have better works to do, like jumping off a cliff and dying or sticking my head in trash.

Jokes apart, this particular issue has been clouding in the back of my head for a long time. I just wasn’t quite able to put a finger on it. In my 18 years of ‘life’ experience, I have had the good fortune of bumping across many immaculate qualities of ‘Monsieurs.’ Great authors have taught us to appreciate the small things in life, so here I am, appreciating the small thing. (I’m hideous, aren’t I?) So this particular post is dedicated to all the great Monsieurs around the world. *Pops up champagne*

Anyway, man is truly an amazing specie. I feel that it’s not just the women who need to be pampered, appreciated, or treasured, men also deserve a spark of admiration. The thing is, I feel that today society is focusing a lot on the rights and beauty of women. How they can transform your life, how selfless  their love is (not that any of this is wrong) but let’s face it, without men, we’d be lost.

Be it a father, brother, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend, best friend, partner, colleague, boss .. men play every role exceptionally. They not just love us, but give us the promise of keeping us safe. If you have the right man, and you treat him deservedly, he can be your greatest strength. I’ve known through observation, that a man would literally do ANYTHING for the woman he loves. Cross all boundaries and extend all limits if that is what it takes to keep his maiden happy.

He would skip a meal himself, and say he’d had dinner, just to bring food to the table. Plus, who can forget chivalry! I understand and appreciate the fact that women are independent now, they like to feel free and strong. But I would still love it when and if a man opens a door for me, or offers to carry my bags if it’s too heavy. The simple act of leaving your seat on a bus to let the girl sit. That’s chivalry and that is so delightfully impressive. And ladies, tell me you don’t secretly love when men try to persuade you, or when you’re angry how hard they try to pacify you. Showering you with gifts and not giving up until they see that smile and they’ve made sure you’re not mad anymore.

I personally have a best friend who is a guy. And he is totally amazing. I can be myself when I’m around him and I don’t think anyone understands me as well as he does. I could be the weirdest girl and suddenly switch to sophistication  and he wouldn’t mind. He would love me anyway.

If you look closely inside a man’s heart, you’d see the part where he is so dependent on you. He might show himself as tough and strong (which all men do) but the real weakness of men are the people they love. They can’t afford to abandon their responsibilities. They love you exactly for what you are, not the person society forces on you to become.

Men are a very important and much needed foundation of this society. I for one am very dependent on men. I have a genuine admiration and love for all the men who’re close to me. Because each one of them has contributed in making me the person I am today.

So cheers to the gender who doesn’t care about make-up, can be a total macho but stutter in front of his girl, who don’t care what they wear (okay, maybe a little) and lastly, who are selfless, loving and a dependable specie on this planet. So men, after reading this don’t feel you’re not appreciated and loved. And please continue being the gentlemen you truly are.


All Women.

20 thoughts on “The Beauty of a ‘Monsieur’

  1. Thank you for posting this article.

    No seriously, I’m getting tired of all the male-hate that’s been going around recently. And you have a great understanding of what a real man should be doing for women, so you’re even awesomer than I thought.

    “total macho but stutter in front of his girl” — AHAH, I’ve been there so many times D:

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    • I totally agree with the considerable rise in the ‘male-hate’ and ‘All men are dogs’ cliches. It being the reason I wrote this article. Yes, I do understand how men really are, true gentlemen because I’ve been fortunate enough to be around some. This is the greatest thing about them- they have huge hearts they just don’t show or accept it publicly. I just felt an urge to let this gender know we love them too. ❤

      Lol. The guys who're nervous and sweaty in front of their girl are usually the truer ones. 🙂

      You're Welcome. 😀

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  2. Wow !!
    Now that’s what is called ‘opposed to the flow’..
    In the recent upsurge of feminism (not that I’m opposed to it, its all good, surely ), who’d except to see something like this !! Unpredictable as ever, you are 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Abhishek. 😀

      I really just wanted all men to know they’re treasured too despite the growing aggression towards the male gender.

      Haha, fickle is the new awesome these days. 😛

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