60’s- They’re Back

Okay, you were scrolling and now you stopped. Good. OR maybe you searched a random tag and bumped here OR it was your destiny that you stumbled across this post, either way-YOU’RE ONE LUCKY BASTARD (Pardon Me) as I’m about to change your life.

Note: Read further ONLY if you love music and I mean ACTUAL music not that One Direction and Justin Bieber crap people are selling in the name of music these days. But pure soul music, like from the 60’s when voices were not ‘Auto-Tuned’ and electronic gadgets were not used to brutally ruin a song. When the lyrics were more than just ‘Swag’ and ‘Twerk’ -actual lyrics, poetic lyrics that your mind and heart starts to waltz upon. The kind of music that just clicks somewhere inside, like a silent consent by the heart saying ‘Yeah-that’s it-that’s the real deal.’

Okay, so there’s this artist I stumbled upon the channel of BY MISTAKE and as of till now I can purely and wholeheartedly say it was my best, most cherished blunder. What I usually do when I’m free (which is quite often) is randomly navigating YouTube to find new artists that are not making ‘Auto-Tuned’ music and can actually sing.

And I found him-Jake Bugg-the guy whose very first word uttered in his song captured me in an enigma-that melody-that euphony in his voice. That rustic charm-that purity-that light brush of folk and country. I couldn’t believe, I literally couldn’t come in terms with the fact that when I thought there wasn’t any hope left for music, this guy perked up and saved my life.

So, forgive me *RANDOM-OBSESSIVE-MODE-ON* but after purchasing both of his albums online I started to search every detail about this guy (okay, fine I was stalking-I’M A STALKER-I said it.)

Jake Bugg is a 20 year folk and country singer from Clifton, Nottingham, United Kingdom. From what I found *opens Stalker File-: 254* he’s a pretty recluse guy that keeps to himself and loves making music NOT because of the fame and the glamour but because music keeps him sane (I’ve watched more than a 1000 interviews of him) and most of the time he mentions this. In one of the interviews he said “People make music not just for themselves but for the fame and the glamour that comes with it but that’s not the case here” (Do you see the reason why no one knows him DESPITE being tremendously talented?)


In one of the above the interviewer asked “Do you get exhausted with writing songs constantly and making music?” 

Jake said “It’s not the music or writing songs that’s the exhausting part-It’s the constant talking that is.” 

Anyway, I don’t want to keep rambling about him, if I continue this cherubic rhapsody I’ll probably end up writing his memoir. 😛

To all those interested to know, I come from a musical family (No, no one is a rockstar) but everyone in my family sings well-it’s kind of in our blood. We’re all hopelessly attached to music, my father was a musician of his time, a professional singer who had to quit his passion for a stable career and to look after a family-naturally I was the lucky one to imbibe his gift-his voice. I ended up being incontestably addicted to chords and lyrics.

Always humming a song and tapping my table or door or any hard object I found as drums. I listened to music very differently from others. I’m not trying to be snobby here but it’s the truth. The chords hit me differently, like they’re trying to tell me something, a secret message (cheesy, I know). No one really understands it, I don’t JUST listen to music for recreation, I listen to it because I need it. Like a bee needs it’s regular dose of pollen I too need a regular dose of music to keep me going.

Okay, back to Jake.

Fact: If you happen to search *cough* stalk him, then you’ll get to know he’s called ‘Young Bob Dylan‘ of these times. BEING COMPARED TO BOB DYLAN-CAN YOU IMAGINE and that too by someone like Stephen King? (He specially tweeted about him.) That is how good he is.

Here are two of his songs that’ll prove all of the above points:


Heard? It’s like the 60’s are back right?!

Honestly (and I wouldn’t hesitate) I didn’t want people to know about him. The more famous he gets the more I’ll have to share him with others. The more I’ll feel he’s not mine and eventually all girls will start fangirling him and I’ll be atrociously jealous (as if there wasn’t a massive female following already). But due to the very loyal fan and lover that I am, I’m hereby sharing him with you all. For him to grow and prosper.

So when you too fall in love with his voice and can’t get enough of this beautiful soul, please keep me in your memory and remember that I introduced him to you all.

Jake, this is for you.