Beneath Your Beautiful

Honestly, it all began like this.

Esh- Can you please elaborate on your status?
Me: *Gives a 2786 page long explanation*
Esh: OH MY GOD. This is so true!
Me: Yep, one of my favorite quotes.
Esh: This is one story common to everyone. Actually, this should be your next article maybe. 🙂
Me: That’s a great idea! Thanks.  :*
Esh: And you’ve already written the introduction above. :’)
Me: Haha, indeed! 😉

So this was a conversation I had with the purest form of awesomeness and my very good bud called Esh (the first three letters to her name) 😛 around a month back. And as much as I’m terribly sorry I’d like to confess that I forgot writing about this very interesting topic. She happened to remind me again last night (told you she’s awesome).

My WhatsApp status went something like this:

“Having perfected our disguise; we spend our life searching for someone we don’t fool.”

And it ignited the curiosity of several intrigued souls to the extent of texting and asking me about it.

I fell in love with this quote the day I read. I can say this with all my heart that each one of us has gone through this or is still going through this scenario. Frankly, when I come across these situations; finding millions of people to have gone through or are still bravely going through any emotional setback, it sends goosebumps down my spine. How can everyone feel the same thing? Even without knowing each other.

I read these quotes on the internet ‘Just be yourself’, ‘Love you for who you are’, ‘Never change for what people think is right’. And it leaves me in utter bewilderment that it is one thing to be frequently reminded that one is beautiful as a sign of affection but it is entirely another thing to loathe yourself so much that you cling on hopelessly to these quotes; screenshot them and stare at them the whole day. You don’t need the frigging internet to tell you that you’re beautiful.

The above quote is ‘Society’ conjured up in one line. The world has so adequately forced us to ‘act’ according to its rigid norms of how we should be. Speaking in a prosaic way, we tend to mould ourselves according to the society that has these firm shackles to confine us into its various norms; those of HOW a girl should dress up, WHAT would make her desirable, WHAT are the basic standards for a boy to be called a Man.

So in order to ‘blend in’ we make masks. Masquerades to make people like us. Disguises to be like them and we cannot escape it, the world is so brutal it won’t spare any of us. We spend years to learn how we have to behave- happier, devoid of flaws and spend nights understanding how these rules work out. Society keeps on juggling us between its cold, frigid paws while we construct those masks; forging them out of insecurities and fear of not being ‘accepted’.

PicMonkey Collage

Trying to be like everyone else. Trying to ‘fit-in’. We’re so afraid to be our self; afraid that the people won’t like us. We’re insecure so much that we give up and decide to join the herd.

So having found no possible escape we cling on to our faker self and spend our life desperately hoping to find someone who looks through that mask, someone who doesn’t get fooled and sees the person we really are behind it. Our flawed imperfect selves that we find so hard to accept and come in terms with. And when we find that one person, we feel revealed. We feel we’ve been understood and we’re not afraid to be ourselves in front of him. We feel raw and at peace.

It maybe anyone-Best Friend, Boy/Girl-Friend. Soul-mate. Analogically speaking, this quote is a vivid way to portray the idea of finding ‘The One’ in a society as brutal as this.

So after having build a ‘perfect disguise’ we hover around trying to find someone who looks into our soul directly. Who has the power to reignite the suppressed flame that is our personality and as you all might have read it on the ‘Internet’ :

“Find someone who accepts you for who you are”

but the good thing about this fallacy is, when that person finally enters your life; nothing ever feels more beautiful, more perfect and more cherubic. So when you find that person who can tear the ‘mask’ away and see through YOU and the pure beauty of your existence. Someone who ‘sees beneath your beautiful’ ; all that cover you took years to master, when he finally shatters it, hold on to him.


Esh, I know you’re reading this. 😀 High5!! 😀

18 thoughts on “Beneath Your Beautiful

  1. That’s something I wanted to share pen down while I was surfing through the links of twin flame concepts. Well written! I’ve a doubt on this though. When the mask is broken by that someone, do you think it would help that someone to tear off his/her own mask too? Like they’ve a sacred bond in between for a specific purpose? I assume, you got me. 🙂

    – Rahul

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    • YES! Absolutely. You see, I believe these kinds of emotional bonds are rare. They just click instantly and you know you’ve finally found it. I doubt there’s some ‘slow-motion background music’ or any heavenly light befalling on you while little angels dance on either side of you; but I reckon it is a beautiful experience.
      And if two souls can connect to each other so profoundly; like two puzzle pieces fitting each other perfectly, both definitely possess the power to tear away each other’s mask. Actually, they’ve already torn it away, that’s why they could see the crude beauty. :’)

      Thank you for reading and I really liked your question. 🙂


  2. That is a great quote. But my theory is that when you find someone who loves you for who you are, what’s actually happened is you’ve become the mask-persona and simplified you actual emotional life to make you more suitable to love. But you can’t fully remember what you were before perfecting the mask, so you think you’re “just being yourself”.

    Another great quote is John Updike’s “Celebrity is a mask that eats into the face”. But maybe ALL social being (until the revolution comes – lol) is a mask that eats into the face.

    But I might be just a cynic.

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    • That’s an interesting and frankly quite intriguing theory as well.

      Also, a little depressing. 😛

      But hey .. who am I to preach about love.


  3. Very well written! on very complex yet essential topic of life.Its hercules task to find someone who sees beneath beautiful even it seems impossible to survive in society without having a mask over face that vary with personalities.
    Above whatsapp update is exceptionaly well said contrary sometimes there is blessing in disguise.


      • That is very true, and the comment is just one of those unthinking types of things that my brain has gotten so used to that it will take a while to get unused to it. But I thank you for the reminder, and promised that I shall try harder in the future. In the meantime you have a wonderful New Years, and we’ll talk to you in 2015.

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