10 Reasons Why Being a Girl is Hard

So yesterday I read an article on the internet called ’30 Annoying Things That Women do that Guys Hate’ (30-like really?). It was written by some guy who either had a century old grudge against the female gender OR had a recent heartbreak-who knows? But the amount of spite that his article presented, told me that he carried some real issues with women (prayers go out to his future girlfriend).

Anyway so I hadn’t really posted anything lately due to my arduous semester exams but now that they’re finally over, you all can endure read my stuff again. So whilst I read that article I thought I should play my part in the Female Army and maybe write an antithesis for it since this issue has been a major topic of discussion when it comes to the stereotypical chasms of wars between the two great genders of humanity; Male and Female respectively. Here it goes!

I went ahead and asked ALL the female friends I had in my contact list as to what according to them were some of the hardships you go through in the charming process of ‘being a girl’. The replies I got were hilarious. I summed them up in 10 brief points!

  • We have to be multitaskers; have to master cooking, a proper job AND to look presentable as well.
  • Do you know how hard it is to get one of those ‘Good Hair Days’ and then try to maintain them throughout the day?
  • We can’t come and conk off on a couch in a party;we have to master the ‘RIGHT POSTURE’  because apart from everything else-We ALSO have to be a lady!
  • Getting those stupid legs waxed and shiny?
  • I don’t think any other gender understands how hard it is to go through the 5 day pain every month AND act perfectly normal about it.
  • The wings of the left eye eyeliner are always ‘not-perfect’.
  • Curling and straightening rods scare the crap out of me. THEY REALLY DO.
  • It’s always hard and gawky for a girl to approach a guy. The drill says that the guy should ‘make the move’. So it attracts a lot of attention if a girl steps forward.

and lastly,

  • We cannot be reckless. As in carefree. It’s genetically imbibed in us;we cannot ‘not care’ about people or things no matter how much we try. We tend to ponder over every small thing. Although it’s an innate quality but sometimes it turns out to be extremely exhausting.

So this is it. There-I said it all. Sometimes we might exasperate you boys and make you all think of all the painless suicide options-but we aren’t THAT bad. You might think we’re annoying and whiny and sometimes fairly obnoxious.  (Psst ..not all of us are). But in honest defense, we go through the above things that are biologically programmed for US and so YOU, no matter how much you try, will not understand how tiresome it actually is (although we wish you did).

So after you’re done reading this, go and give your girlfriend/wife a bunch of flowers AND chocolates .. Oh and Gummy Bears too ..Oh Oh. .. and a box of Nutella maybe?

Okay-I’ll stop writing now.

If there’s anything you want me add, feel free to notify me in the comment box.

25 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Being a Girl is Hard

  1. A lot of girls I know who are in college honestly don’t even really get ready some days. It’s like they get out of bed and go to class. It’s kind of funny because some days those same girls spend a lot of time getting ready…it’s like they’re a totally different person. I think it’s their long eyelashes that cause me to have trouble identifying them.

    I would take that Gummy Bears out because some guys might put Marijuana in them (some people for Halloween do that and get kids high) and get their girlfriends high.

    On that note about Halloween, my grandpa is diabetic and somehow he gave out sugar-free candy to a bunch of kids. I feel so bad for them because it’s going to cause stomach problems.

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    • Lo.. Girls are moody. It usually depends on the place they are going whether or not they want to dress up. So I guess that college must be a boring place. 😛
      You have a very particular observation. Eyelashes? Really? 😛

      Gummy bears with drugs. Lol. I’m suspecting that you could do that to girls. You’re the purest form of evil after all.

      That’s okay. Kids get over these thing fast. Hopefully!


      • I’ve visited a number of colleges but it really depends if it’s raining as well – especially now since it’s winter. I don’t know about you but with every INTJ girl that I’ve met, they all seem to wear scarves…I like to wear scarves myself.

        Hey, with people and of course girls, I have one quick glance and see everything that I need to know and then I focus on the personality.

        What, no? I’m not that kind of guy. I don’t take advantage of girls in that way. Now, kids on Halloween…that’s an evil genius. That’ll teach them to not eat candy and ruin their teeth.

        That’s easy for you to say…as a kid I went into my grandparents pantry and I read the large label saying “SUGAR-FREE” on the candy box and I thought, hey, if it’s sugar-free, then I can get more! I made a lot of bad choices when I was a kid!


        • Yeah, rain does force us to change our outfits. I don’t wear scarves but I like them (that’s weird).

          Okay, I was kidding (no I wasn’t) you won’t do anything like that (yes you would). 😛

          I’m sorry but this gave me a laugh. ROFL. XD
          ‘SUGAR-FREE’ OMG. XD XD

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          • Yeah, I’m sure you’re going to tell all your friends that I did that…Hahaha, aren’t I sooo funny! I bet Jake Bugg wouldn’t make that assumption, right? That was honestly before my personality started to take shape.


            • No I won’t. It wasn’t THAT funny, alright?
              Jake would NEVER do something like that. He’s very mature and sophisticated. :’)

              Give all the excuses you want. *yawns*


              • You confuse me sometimes…BTW: who would have the last name of Bugg *snorts*…there goes another 2000 points. 😛 All TIME LOW!!

                Here’s what a typical guy would say to that: You know, this talk about Jake Bugg is really boring me…how about we talk about myself. I’m great, handsome, funny, and best of all, humble.

                -___- as you would put it!


                • No one gets to choose their last name. Ugh! Plus, he’s very proud of his last name. He even said it in an interview. He’s adorable. ❤

                  No you aren't a typical guy. Your're a cat. A CAT. And you know what cats do? They 'Meow' and they 'Purr.'

                  So go and 'Meeoowww' somewhere. 😛

                  You should rename your blog to 'StevetheCAT.


                • *dislike* this comment! Where’s that function on your blog? Did you know that Facebook is actually thinking about adding it. You can imagine what I’ll be doing every day! Muahahaha! I’ll find your Facebook page somehow! I have sources!

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                • Lol. That dislike function is too busy fulfilling its responsibilities on YOUR BLOG where it is needed more (BURNNN). 😛

                  Oh I didn’t know that? I think that would be awesome. 😛 People would be afraid to update status updates.

                  Oh really? So after a cat, you’re planning on becoming a stalker? Hmmm, so let me think .. you are a CAT who’s a stalker. 😛

                  A very bright future you have there! XD


  2. So far the only part that’s tough about being a guy is.. well, females. 😛 I am a prime example.

    But I see! I always tell girls, “You guys make it look so easy”, and then just watch as they ramble on about all those points you said. So I have a respect for you guys; I probably would’ve given up on my hair, etiquette, and all that stuff as soon as I hit puberty.

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    • Yeah, you are the quintessential for male problems. 😛 (You know I SERIOUSLY feel bad for you sometimes.)

      That’s such a nice thing to say. You’re a true gentleman Atherz.
      I agree, I too want to give up on all the things above but damn, I’m a girl. -___-

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      • Ahaha.. yeah, no other male looks like they have issues. Fine, I guess I chose that life.

        Thanks. And well yeah, you’re a girl so deal with it! Shouldn’t you be at that stage where you don’t really care anymore? Or is that after marriage or something?

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        • That life chose YOU. And YOU, my brave and valiant knight have to fight till your sword is bleeding with the hue of your enemies blood. 😛

          Wow. ‘Deal With It’, hun? A very quick jump from ‘Chivalry’ to ‘Swag’. 😛

          Well, it’s not that we don’t care, we just get used to it. And we depend on this ‘used to it’ throughout our lives to endure all the above crap. *sigh*


    • Yeah, not all points coincide with my ‘Biologically Programmed’ view, but most of them are. I agree, some are cultural, but even THAT is a pressure, don’t you think?

      Thank you, really appreciate it. :’)

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      • Oh, yeah, I agree that cultural pressure is a huge thing that you can never really escape, whether it’s related to gender, religion or whatever. It’s also pretty hard (or impossible) to find where culture begins and biology ends at times. But I still suspect a lot of the rituals associated with being a girl (all the grooming and make up, etc.) are more cultural than biological… doesn’t make them any easier to ignore, though.

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  3. Well, that was certainly fun. Me, I liked your blog post, and you’re probably right about anybody, male or female, who writes a post of this nature, and gives 30 points. I would immediately suspect they have issues with the opposite gender. Now, I think you’ve read enough of my comments to your page that you should know by now that I’m a fan, but I can’t resist pointing out the one thing you said that really made me laugh out loud. In one place you said “I don’t think any other gender understands”, and I couldn’t help but say in my head “You do know there’s only one other gender right?”. But other than that, everything you said was right on. So keep up the great writing, and I’ll read you later.

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  4. I agree…being a girl is definitely hard these days – with looks being so much an importance. I once did a funny sketch with some of my guy friends and they picked me as one of the ladies. It was super hard putting on all of the makeup and trying to look gorgeous. It was down-right creepy….luckily no one took a picture of me…at least I think.

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    • You did? Wow.
      Then you must be aware of all the make up and the procedures of applying it. 😛 Ironically, I’m not aware since I don’t apply make up daily.
      That’s too bad. Seeing a guy dressed up as a girl would be a kick start for my day. (Please don’t mind my sarcasm-sorry if you’re offended.)


      • Yes, I did. I do understand all of the procedures which is why I don’t understand why some girls spend all of their time wearing too much makeup.

        Yeah, I’m sure it would be. I could have been famous if I put it on America’s Funniest Videos but I chose not to.

        I don’t mind your sarcasm…it’s nothing compared to mine. 😛 I get used to mine!

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