Revamp the Human in You

“Solitude is a crucial ingredient to creativity.”
-Susan Caine

It becomes somewhat difficult to be alone and by yourself when you’re constantly circled in a labyrinth of ‘News Feed’ , ‘Status Updates’ and ‘Photo Uploads.’ Yesterday, I accessed my Facebook account after 3 months approximately and it wasn’t even 24 hours when I had a severe headache and I felt a strange indignation within myself, so much that I closed it again.

Anyway, that is not what is important. The important thing is, the last 3 months have been the most productive 3 months of my life. After I quit Facebook, Instagram and all other social networks; I realized I had so much time in hand that I could channelize in so many good things instead of wasting it rummaging through these futile updates.

People are so obsessed in trying to create a ‘virtual’ image of themselves that they are forgetting that what they portray on the internet is nothing but an ‘IMAGE’ of you. It’s a banner you carry with you, so you try to festoon it with all the gleam possible to make your public profile LOOK better.

This has occurred on such a traumatic level that people are becoming completely oblivious to themselves. They are forgetting to improve their own self on a human and spiritual level. As my friend Steve rightly said, “When I go to college, I want to have some years to myself,” and I thought it was very admirable of him to infer that thought (now don’t get too cocky Steve.) 😛

I’ll give you a list of things I achieved during the past ‘Non-Social Network’ 3 months.

1.) Started working as a Freelance Writer.

2.) Read a gazillion books.

3.) Wrote the first chapter to my book which is not very ‘edgy’ but it’s something.

4.) Decorated my bedroom wall with all sorts of posters and art and craft.

5.) Gave my exams peacefully.

6.) Noticed that when I left social networks my mind caught some brilliant thoughts and ideas to write about.

7.) I blogged more and wrote more.

8.) And lastly, and what I believe is the best, I became more thoughtful. More than I already was. I believe Insight and Wisdom are a gift and these two things can be improved by experience and listening. Talk less;Listen more.

What happens when you spend time with yourself?

You become more aware of the importance of your presence in this world. You realize your full potential and you understand that you deserve more and that you can achieve more by working hard. You come to know that everything on this Earth has a reason affixed to it. The great classics that have been written in the history have all been scripted by writers who spent time alone.

Seclusion, if harnessed the right way can open doors to a plethora of imagination, curiosity, insight and wisdom. It leads to long hours of reflecting over things and the environment around you.  J.K Rowling, Emma Watson, Bill Gates are just a few names in the long list of successful people who spent time with themselves. Because when you’re alone, you think, you ponder and you brood. It hones your mind and your brain. It shapes your thoughts prunes your imagination.

Read carefully,

You don’t have to bereft yourself from the happenings of the world, you just have to direct your time and attention to things more imperative in life. Things that matter more.

38 thoughts on “Revamp the Human in You

  1. Just what I needed to read.People are literally in pressure to maintain their social networking image,tagging and checking in a compulsion for them.It can be considered a disorder.
    Loved your post,and no wonder facebook is much of a source of depression for many,it’s great that you managed to avoid it.


    • Absolutely. It’s very disappointing to see all these people drowning in Social Media and not paying attention to LIFE all around them.

      Yeah, I figured out the solution, reason why I wrote this post.
      Thank you for reading! 🙂

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  2. I fully agree, and I appreciate that like myself you apparently don’t regard blogging as social networking, or at least not on that same level as Facebook and the rest. I closed my Facebook account almost 2 years ago and have never even thought about looking back (I won’t even partake of a website that requires me to sign in using Facebook, and I think admins should start taking note of this trend, because I’m not alone). As for Twitter and Google+ and the others, my accounts are still open, but I don’t open those pages any more. Like you, I have also managed to start in on a novel, increase my blogging output (which I look at as my daily exercise to help keep my creative writing muscles strong and limber), and I’ve progressed in leaps and bounds with overcoming the symptoms of the PTSD that I am being treated for. Overall, I find myself to be more relaxed and just plain happier with the world around me. So thanks for a great post, take care, and have a great Christmas.

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    • Yes, I was about to mention this in my post but noticed that it would get too bulky. Blogging is different, it is a community where people help construct each other and promote our innate abilities of reading and writing. I believe blogging, unlike any other internet platform actually HELPED me in being the person I am today. I got to learn so much and read so many different kinds of literary works. And Facebook provides none such benefits.
      I’m incredibly proud that you got over Facebook and I hope to do the same. Completely eradicate FB from my life. You’re writing a book as well? That’s wonderful!
      I’m sorry for your PTSD, I hope you recover soon. Prayers go out to you.

      Thank you so much for reading. 🙂

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    • Yes I have watched this video and you know what the ironic part is? I actually shared this video on FACEBOOK. So terribly ironic.
      It’s a great video that might hopefully open the eyes of our seemingly lost generation.

      And please, you don’t bother me at all. I always love discussing issues with you. You’re one of my favorite ‘jolly’ bloggers. 🙂

      Hope you’re having a ‘Christmasy’ time. 🙂

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      • This actually has been one of my best, and I give a lot of the credit for that to the med team that has done so much work with me this year, as well as the absence of Facebook from my life, and the addition of people like yourself and the rest of the blogging community that I have surrounded myself with. I’m still very isolated, but we take things one step at a time, and for me, the isolation has never really bothered me, since it’s what I’ve always known and I’m very comfortable in my own company. I’m a little long-winded, but when I start talking too much, I just ignore myself. Lol.

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  3. I have to say.. since I deactivated my Facebook a couple weeks back, I’ve been working a lot more on my game project. It’s weird though, because Facebook wasn’t my most-often viewed website. WordPress was, and I also stopped WordPressing as much too.

    At the start of the winter break, I reactivated my Facebook and began hounding it as if I never left: Checking up on people that don’t care much for me, and their fun lives and all. So I deactivated it again this morning. Blogging took out as much as an hour out of my day, and I’m somewhat glad that I now have that time back. The internet as a whole hasn’t distracted me as much lately as well, even though there are still those sites that I wish to just cut out.

    I guess the internet is that friend of mine that keeps me company whenever I desire. Pretty much the only thing I have right now that gives me joy/purpose is my game project, but social media is only a few clicks away, and I use that as my de-stresser when things get too lonely. (Yes, lonely.. I do a terrible job at sitting and thinking without something/someone at my side.)

    If only it were as easy as you say it is just to sit and be okay with it. I used to be.


    • *Pats on your back* There there Atherz. You’re going to be fine.
      Oh and I’m very proud of you for distancing yourself from Facebook, even if it just was for a few weeks! See? Now that when the social media is gone you’re able to concentrate more on other things like your Gaming Project. I know it’s hard in the beginning, it wasn’t really hard for me as I’m not a social media addict but I know it’s difficult for some people as I have another friend here who’s equally crazy for Facebook like you.

      The internet just makes you FEEL that you have company, it really doesn’t give you even an iota of ‘COMPANY’.

      You have to find more ‘de-stressers’. Please go and read Perks, please. You have time now, just read a few pages a day but do so!

      Have patience and don’t give up. Do it for Mo. 😛 Imagine Mo saying that she would go out with you if you stayed away from Facebook … .. AND read the book. Hahaha! 😛
      Which reminds me, does she reads books?


      • Finding more de-stressers is tough, y’know? But that book, fine fine, I shall read some of it tonight if my mission to find local places to go doesn’t get in the way.

        Using her as a motivator is ineffective because it won’t happen like that. :/ But yes she reads books, she’s more normal than I am. She told me that there was a movie to Perks, which makes me wonder if since you two know about it, then a lot more people do as well (meaning, I’m even more anti-mainstream) xP


        • When/if you read even a single sentence of the book, I should be the first person you’ll notify okay? 😛

          Oh she reads books? Hmm, her persona in my mind improved a little. People who read books are wonderful. Not that you aren’t but get the drill? Us readers are very biased for fellow readers. XD

          Yes, even I was surprised that you didn’t know there was a movie adaptation! You’re so weird. But bottom line is, please read the book before I send some assassins to your place. 😛


          • I read a little as soon as I got it! It’s just.. I dunno. Yeah I’m weird, but.. omigosh …

            You cool girls read books! I must do the same so I can have some merit in your minds! D: I shall start again very very soon. *ulterior motive found*

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            • Hey, I just realized I had ‘unfollowed’ you. That’s weird. I don’t even remember ‘unfollowing’ you. -__-

              Yess! Attaboy! At least you found ONE source of motivation! *Pheww*

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              • Haha, thanks Aakansha. One is enough, right? And this one totally depends on me, instead of people. So yay introvert status regained. 😛

                You’re such a motivational speaker, you should do more of it. 😀

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                • That’s such an awesome thing to say. Though I bet my parents would have a huge laugh if they find out someone thought I was good at motivating people .:P They think I need motivation myself as I do nothing but eat,sleep and read. 😛

                  But thank you anyway. I’ll make sure I tell them about this. XD

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  4. It is said how plugged in our society is these days. Between phones, tablets, and computers we can be connected 24/7 no matter where we are and who we are with. The truth is that we are so plugged in that we are tuned out from what is going on around us.

    When it comes to social media people have literally alter ego’s that they post about. Your news feeds are a bunch of lies people put out there so that they can feel better about themselves. It’s sad how our relationships have become plugged in and tuned out.

    Have a wonderful holiday and never stop looking within.

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    • You just said it so aptly. The second paragraph is indisputably true! People use social media to feel good about themselves. They have completely forgotten that they actually have to make themselves feel better;not just in the virtual world!

      Wonderful comment and Happy Holidays to you too!
      May you have a luminous Christmas. 🙂

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    • Yes, unfortunately THIS was the only brilliant thing you said. 😛
      Face it Steve, I’m better than you, on every level. Except for purposely banging yourself in a snowman. That is something you have expertise in. XD


      • Lol! Oh, have you forgotten as to who can be weirder. I definitely win on that one! 😛 AND your name means “desire” while mine means “crown.” I’m sure you desire my crown. 😀

        It’s more tackling a snowman though than banging into it.

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  5. Great post! I’ve started to withdraw from social networks a bit because I realise that they are killing my productivity and free time. Hopefully I’ll be able to do it to the extent you have and spend more time on the important things in life 🙂

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    • Thanks a lot! I’m glad you’ve taken the initiative and I wish you all the very best! Do tell me what all you did in your Social Media Break. Haha!
      But for now, I hope you’re enjoying this festive & kaleidoscopic season and may you have a cherubic holiday! 😀


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  7. My first thought on this was to send the link to my daughters. But I need to read this as much as they do. Thanks for having the courage to write this!


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