Note To Yourself

Who are You?

You are not your status updates or the posts you like.
You are not what you wear or the Instagram filters you’re unable to decide.
You are not your Facebook Profile picture,
Or the number of Retweets you get,
You are not your ‘number’ of followers,
Or the praises you see in those comments.
You are not Gucci or Steve Madden,
Or that dress you’re adamant on trying,
You are amazing, despite no likes,
Of which the world out there is ignorant.

You are one of those countless sleepless nights,
Or your seemingly long showers,
You are your first sip of coffee,
On rush Monday morning hours.

You are those shortness of breath,
When you can’t get enough of a joke,
You are your hysterical laughter,
When the joke comes haunting,
And you smile to yourself.

You are your thoughts,
When you stare at the infinite ocean,
You are your approval,
When you let the waters wash your sandy feet,
Even when your trousers get wet,
You smile;No regrets.

You are what you think,
When you are driving alone,
You are your heavy exhausted sigh,
When laying beneath the stars; young and forlorn.

You are your satisfaction,
When you finish a good book,
you are the glitter in your eye,
When you talk of the things you love.

And in the end, my friend,
You are a luminous blessing,
You are the silver fire of the stars,
You are the universe trapped in a body,
You are your mind, travelling to lands afar.


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21 thoughts on “Note To Yourself

  1. Bonjour!! Aakansha
    After reading your poem.. i don’t why,i don’t know how.. but this has popped in my mind right now..

    The one
    Under the sun
    Does your mind run?
    Like a bullet from the gun
    This question has stun.
    Like the sun rays
    My mind runs in many ways
    My words
    They will stay with you
    For many days.


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  2. A magical and lyrical writer said that..?;):P.

    Everytime you ink
    Words sync
    Make me think
    I turn pink
    And wink
    I’m no better than your skill
    But still
    Each one has their own skill
    Ain’t we trying to climb a writing hill?? :))


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  3. So many young and even old people count their self-worth by the number of likes they get, when in all reality they are not real and mean nothing. You made some great points. My favorite “You are what you think,
    When you are driving alone” I drive alone all the time and find myself deep and my thoughts, and those are the ones that truly matter.

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  4. This is an amazing poem written by an amazing soul. Can you now please forget I said that, as comments and likes mean very little to you?! You know, I’m joking at your expense Aak! Loved the poem and will reflect on it much in days to come… XxX

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    • Don’t break my heart Murr. It means everything to me what people feel when they read my stuff. True I don’t do it for comments and likes, but it moves me when I know that somewhere, someone had an impact through what I wrote.

      It’s a happy feeling Murr. Thank you beautiful soul.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You know I would never knowingly break your heart Aak. I hope that you realised it was a joke of sorts.:) Your writing is amazing not only because I’ve grown to know you through your blog and become fond of you, but because you show a maturity beyond your years. You are truly gifted and I know that I will hear great things of you in time to come.


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