Real Men Don’t Hit

I’m going to share a very beautiful video here with a strong message.

And since I have a tendency to never shut up, I’m going to add that it is not just the women on whom one shouldn’t inflict violence upon ; no one should hit anyone. As simple as that.


18 thoughts on “Real Men Don’t Hit

  1. Awww, this was a very touching and beautiful video regarding those precious boys and Martina. I tell you, I was just as shocked as the boys, when they were told to “slap her”.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Aakansha. Raising awareness is so very important. 🙂

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  2. Beautiful video and thank you so much for sharing it 🙂

    Look at the expression on the faces of the boys, when you asked them to slap the girl…

    I really really wish the grown up MEN in our country has got at least a fraction of that kind of respect towards women or at least does not cause pain to them.

    Being a father to a little girl, the news in our dailies and TV are simply horrifying to me.

    Hope the younger generation be more respectful towards girls …

    Have a beautiful day 🙂

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