Premio Dardos


I’m a terrible person. I’m the most obnoxiously horrendous person you’ll ever meet. I might just throw myself down a cliff. I’m so sorry Ruchi I forgot about this award you nominated me for some time back. I’m really sorry, I mean I THOUGHT I’d do it later but the ignod that I am, I forgot. Again, I’m so sorry.

So, keeping the self-loathing and the guilt aside,

Thank you to the wonderful author Ruchi of the more than wonderful blog . If you’re looking to have some travel adventures from the eyes of an intrigued Indian, this is your place to go to. And as I always say in every award post, to some people these awards might seem like a futile activity and you may as well shadow them in your ignorance; your choice.

But if you choose to revamp your point of view, one must look at these as a frequent ‘pat on your backs’ and a very modest and polite way to let you know you’re on the right path. These little things help give us a little push we require if we drag ourselves on the road.
They are a resurgence for those who’re a little lost and a motivation to those who’re already doing well.
So this one goes to all the awards out there.

Dear Awards,
Don’t be disheartened, there are some people who care about you. 😛

About this Award and Rules:

dardosAnd here are the people I choose to nominate, if not necessarily 15 they all are incredibly kind and talented.

Deeksha from – She’s a beginner, so help her by visiting and giving a feedback. 🙂

Jithin from He’s not a beginner but he’s a good guy with one of the best travel pictures I’ve seen.

Allie from She has a very interesting blog, check her out.

Pratyush from Also someone who’s beginning to explore the possibilities in WordPress, give your cooperation.

Veronica from A nice blog post to read. Do visit her.

Anonymous from This 15 year old has some very fascinating and amusing views! One blog you HAVE to check out!

Brian from  A very kind, fresh and inspiring blog.

Anonymous from A view of America from the eyes of a British Citizen. Check out this blog.

Anonymous from Again some rather amusing tales of Bankok from the eyes of a Brit!

Upen from Skillful uses of rhymes and lyrics and words. You’ll enjoy this blog.

Anna from She’s a beautiful and a brilliant writer. I have enjoyed all her posts!

Kassie from Undoubtedly, one of my favorite blogs on wordpress and one of my favorite persons! 🙂

Anonymous from THE BEST poetry blog I’ve come across. THE BEST.

From what I noticed; so many people in my Followers and Follow list  have never interacted or communicated with me or my posts. They have somehow preferred being a silent observer. I appreciate your decision but it’s sort of sad to see so many people who chose to read my posts but have never given me their thoughts and opinions.
Blogging is a community. A place where we interact and share our views and thoughts and ramblings. Every kind of a person and every kind of a thought is welcomed and encouraged and appreciated. Fell free to communicate and always believe that no matter what you write we’d understand and encourage!

Whether or not you choose to accept and do the formalities of this award is your decision, but I’d request each one of you nominated to do it and give everyone a chance. 

Thank you so much to each one of you who’s been a part of my blogging journey. It’s been a spectacular odyssey!

22 thoughts on “Premio Dardos

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  2. Congrats on your award, and it is well deserved! You brought up a point that i have thought about more than once, and that is the followers and follows who never interact. I love the dialogue that I have with many bloggers in our community. I often wonder if the silent followers are reading, and if so why they never comment. But enough of that, and once again congratulations!

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    • That’s why I wanted to bring this up. There are so many people who follow blogs but somehow have never chosen to interact with the author which I think is sad because blogging is all about communicating and it is definitely NOT social networking.

      Thank you so much. 🙂


  3. Just wanted to say thank you, and let you know that I have met all the requirements of the wonderful award you nominated me for, and I have successfully passed the nominations on to 15 other well-deserving bloggers. The kindness you exhibited in thinking of my humble little blog while making up the list of your nominations has fully restored my somewhat sagging faith in the inherent goodness of man/womankind. Lol (but just a little, politely). All silliness aside though, thanks again.

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