Up for a drink?

Right from the beginning when I was a little girl I’ve had an intense dislike for the people who drink excessively. You might think of me as ignorant or impractical or tag my views as unfair or biased but believe you me, I have my reasons.

Do I even have to take the time to name people who died at a very young age due to excessive alcohol intake? Not forgetting to mention their precious talents and abilities that were just beginning to blossom; died with them. I’m not stating my points based on statistical data fetched out of the internet; I have SEEN families destroyed due to one small (or rather huge) flaw in one member of the family-drinking.

Any man who has an addiction for drinking has a very dangerous hamartia I believe.

Let me enlighten you further, men and women both should be aware of the harm and the damage they can do by drinking. I’m going to be a little sexist here, but men can do more damage, which logically IS true.

When one consumes excessive alcohol, they lose control of their mind. People start abhorring the things around them. They become oblivious and prone to indignation. Men start channelizing their anger on their families or worse, themselves.

They indulge in abuse and violence. How can a man even live with the thought of hitting his own family? Would he force his strength upon them for something as trivial as ALCOHOL?
Oh and not forgetting to mention the glorifying image you set forth in front of your kids.
The brilliant movie BOYHOOD portrays efficiently the damage a ‘drink’ could do. Otherwise our protagonist teenager Mason wouldn’t have said, “And it sure would have saved me a parade of drunken assholes” for his ‘FATHERS’.


When a person’s dependency on alcohol results in problems with interpersonal relationships, an inability to control alcohol consumption and a disregard of the damage that the alcohol is doing to the spouse and the family, the reality is that there is an issue of alcohol dependency.

Drinking too much can harm your health. Excessive alcohol use led to approximately 88,000 deaths and 2.5 million years of potential life lost (YPLL) each year in the United States from 2006 – 2010, shortening the lives of those who died by an average of 30 years
Source: http://www.cdc.gov/alcohol/fact-sheets/alcohol-use.htm

Unfortunately, consuming liquor is deemed as being ‘cool’ these days. It is more like a #trend. It was bad enough to see teenagers ruining their lives due to binge drinking; it is even worse to see them glorify it like it’s something to be proud of.

Apart from emotional problems drinking causes a parade of inevitable health problems like anxiety, depression, frustration, anger and even cancer.

People may put up a counter argument saying that a little consumption of alcohol is good for health. Okay-fair enough.

But my dear friend, IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE NERVES TO CONTROL YOUR INEBRIATED SELF then please .. don’t drink.  

The bottom line is, if you are an excessive drinker,

  • If you come home every night and beat your wife and then your kids and go to sleep and then repeat the entire process,
  • If you almost got yourself killed due to drunk driving,
  • If you’re almost on the line of poverty due to inefficiency and unemployment,
  • If you’re flunking every subject at school and almost got a girl pregnant and most probably won’t be accumulating the grades for college,

and lastly,

  • If you’ve already done the above and now look back with remorse then I have one small request for you-


It is better to devoid yourself of a single pleasure than to watch your entire world collapse in front of your eyes because of it.

Do it for your family, do it for your friends, do it for your colleagues, but most importantly-do it for Yourself.


15 thoughts on “Up for a drink?

  1. I must admit, I’ve never understood why drinking a ton of alcohol is viewed as “cool”. I don’t get why drinking something that can seriously injure you, or cause you to injure others, is looked up to. And really, if you’re thirsty, why alcohol? Why not a delicious coca-cola or something, ya know?
    I know it’s said that people use alcohol to drown their problems, but drinking alcohol only makes more problems….

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    • You’re absolutely right. It’s disheartens me to see youngsters deeming alcoholism as ‘Life’. I don’t even understand why people indulge in such activities when it does nothing but eat them up inside. It’s nice to know you concur with my thoughts Rach.

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  2. The subject of this post is a personal subject for me. I too have been affected by another person’s drunkeness. In fact I have a person in mind to share this post with, if I could find a way to do it tactfully. Very effective delivery in using not only your personal perspective, but also statistics.

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    • Thank you so much. I hope and I pray that whatever you’ve gone through give you the strength to endeavor and stay strong. I too have had close encounters and personal experiences from inebriated people that have been savagely brutal and disconcerting. You have my love and support!


  3. Love this post! I witnessed a family member spiral out of control and then pass away because of their alcohol addiction. And it scared the living daylights out of me. As a result, I decided to live an alcohol free life as much as I can. It truly does more harm than good.

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    • I’m so glad there are men out there who do not appreciate drinking and loosing control of one’s self. There are better and more healthy ways of ‘having a good time’ and channeling your sorrows.
      I’m happy the realization dawned upon you. Thank you for reading.


  4. Take away all the taxes that the government rakes in on the sale of that poison, and on the basis of the deaths it causes per year alone, it would be banned on the first day. But as long as the Government is pulling in the taxes, the deaths, and the broken homes, and all the rest of it, don’t mean a thing to them. And as long as it’s legal, with the money they spend on advertising, people will buy it. And I’m on your side, a non-drinker who had an alcoholic father who wasn’t violent, but also was never there to look out for me. My sincere hope is that more people will listen to you than ever listened to me, because sooner or later, they’ve gotta start listening to someone. I wish you all the best.

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    • I’m sorry to hear about you. A kind person like your sweet self deserves way more. I’ve had several debates with people regarding this. They say it’s a ‘FREE COUNTRY’ and they can consume or claim whatever they want, but harming yourself and the people around you just because you’re somewhat addicted to a liquid does not in any way makes sense.
      They cause so much problems to everyone around them.


  5. Honestly, I can’t think of a single person I know who hasn’t had a negative experience with alcohol in their life. I have an uncle who died of liver cancer and another who drank his family away. My favorite teacher was in an accident caused by a drunk driver running into a school bus that killed many many children.

    Now I don’t mind an occasional drink, but to consume more is terrifying. I was friends with a girl who got drunk and woke up in the middle of an alley with no pants. She has no recollection of who raped her.

    It’s heartbreaking, and you are absolutely entitled to feel the way you do!


    • I’m sorry to hear about your experience Kassie. The more I’m reading the comments on my post, the more I’m realizing that there are people who’ve had equally bad experiences with drinking.
      It’s totally okay. That’s what I said, IF you are drinking, you must know the art of controlling yourself so that the people around you don’t get affected or harmed.
      Unfortunately, that’s what people lack and they indulge in such horrendous activities after they loose control of their mind.

      I’ve myself had such terrifying experiences from people who drink, not to myself, but to the people around me, at weddings or family functions, it’s usually the people who drink too much that ruin a celebration.

      Thank you for your thoughts and I don’t know but I was expecting a lot of criticism on this post from people who drink, but I’m more than glad there are so many people out there who choose to acknowledge the harm a drink can do.

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