Being the Younger Sibling

I’ve had some really busy 10 days. I became an aunt recently, which sounds too mature for my age, but yeah, I did. My cousin was in town with the 4 month old adorable little baby boy and I spent some quality time trying to make him laugh (I did make him laugh-I’m a very cool aunt.)

In these 10 days I spent a lot of time with my entire family, which is rare. Not because we’re secluded pirates living on some lone island, but because of my dad’s job, we kept on moving from places to places, so I never really had a ‘Joint Family.’ As a result I really look forward and enjoy these family gatherings.

Now obviously, dear readers, as you all know, I’m a very deep thinker. Even my family’s heavy visit didn’t stop my mind from pondering.

So the reason why I’ve written the above is, when it comes to family, I want to talk about what it’s like being the youngest one, yep that’s me.

As the normal stereotype goes, the youngest ones in the family are deemed as fragile little doves that aren’t supposed to do the tedious or heavy tasks in the family. They’re meant for the tough Elder Brothers and Sisters. It’s even worse when you’re also a girl. Again, me.

Even though there are several advantages to being the younger one but I’ve had my fair share of troubles and problems and I can only hope my nephew doesn’t has to go through all that:

1.) When you’re the younger one, you’re practically the servant of the elder siblings- believe me, I’ve been through it.

2.) The classic cliche “Learn from your brother/sister ..”

3.) You’re often deemed as the ‘rat’ of the family.

4.) When in school, teachers look at you as the little brother/sister of your ‘GLORIFIED BIG ELDER BROTHER/SISTER’ who most of the time got good grades so you’re expected to live up to that too.

5.) You’re always the reckless one. Even if you spill a drop of water, it’s like you brought a zombie apocalypse. “Oh My Goodness, you’re so careless! When will you learn? That’s an entire WATER DROPLET you spill there! Who’s responsible hun? Now what’re you looking at? Go ahead-wipe it off!”

6.) You always loose in bouts and WWE Battles at home.

7.) You’re mostly termed as too ‘young’ for some important task.

8.) Somehow you’re always responsible for any mishappening. Even if it’s found out later that you didn’t break the vase, by default the blame first comes on you.

9.) You are offered the sweaters and shirts your elder sibling overgrew. “You can use them, they’re still new!”

10.) You’re always teased by saying you were adopted or mentally retarded.

11.) You always get the back seat in the car.

12) And the most frustrating one, as if the above weren’t enough-your parents always listen to your elder sibling.

13.) The elder ones usually get the bigger slice of the pizza, don’t they?

14.) Even when you try to be a part of an elderly conversation, you’re mostly shunned by all- “Shut up, you’re too young for this.” 

15.) You CANNOT have the remote when you’re both watching t.v. You’ve to endure with the show your sibling’s watching. (In my case-Football. That’s why eventually I grew a fondness for it). 

But even though I wrote the above keeping in mind the things I faced (yes, I’ve been given a chokeslam by my elder brother) it’s undeniable to say that I’ve had several perks being the younger one too.

I wouldn’t give it away for the world (okay-maybe I would.)

To any younger sibling reading this, I know it’s a hard. *Gives a virtual high-five*

35 thoughts on “Being the Younger Sibling

  1. I’m just about with you there, I have one little sister, a year younger than me, but I also have two older brothers and three older sisters, so I am pretty close to being the youngest, and if you count three adopted brothers, being the youngest boy of six males is bad enough.

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  2. I can relate to a lot of these – except I had a secret weapon when I was a kid. I had stress induced asthma coupled with asthma induced epilepsy. Basically, if I got upset enough I’d stop breathing properly and if I stopped breathing properly I’d have a fit and have to go to hospital, so every fight or tantrum or whatever I had to be placated at all costs, even if I was blatantly in the wrong, or it could have been potentially fatal. My poor sister.

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  3. As a very wise man (Morrissey) once sang “the youngest was the most loved” so there are some compensations! But on a serious note as an older brother it was really interesting reading your perspective on being the younger sibling. 🙂

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  4. You made me smile! 🙂 I am youngest in my family too and can totally relate to each and every point :-P.

    That being said, I wouldn’t trade this for anything in world. I love being the youngest, most loved, most pampered, having the luxury to do anything at all and still be forgiven coz you are the ‘kiddo’.

    I guess I value being youngest even more after living away from family for years, managing senior job position, getting married, and playing ‘badi bahu’ in my new family. Now it seems the ‘youngest kid’ of the family is the most cherished and enjoyable title I can ever have. Nothing can compete to the right of being naive and reckless and still being loved. 🙂


    • I completely and wholeheartedly agree with you. Being pampered is a delicacy in itself! 🙂
      Oh my goodness, you’ve made me think twice about my entire article. Now when I think of it, I can imagine how hard it would have been for you to play the role of a responsible, self-dependent ‘badi bahu’ after being the youngest and most loved in the family.
      I guess I should learn to appreciate the things I have.
      But I’m pretty sure you managed it well. 🙂

      Thank you! 🙂

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      • Ha ha, actually I shouldn’t get much points for daughter in law role. I live away from my in laws and in last 3 years of marriage.. hardly spent 10 days with them :-P.

        I am sure you do appreciate the benefits of being younger, Believe me you are gonna miss this more than anything once you step outside your home.

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  5. I was the youngest of 4…. And i can deeply relate to this post. Then my parents adopted 5 children from Latvia. And yet, somehow, even though I am 19 and the youngest is 6, to my older siblings i’ll always be the baby.

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    • Wow. 9 brothers and sisters. Imagine what the youngest will go through. Haha!
      I can understand, even if we grow up, we always remain little for our elder siblings.


  6. Been awhile since I’ve read you talking about wrestling with your brothers hahaha. Still sound as epic as ever!

    Youngest in the family as well btw 😉

    Cheers for good post and for being “The Kid” in the family!

    Your pal,
    David Long

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  7. Birth order is pretty interesting stuff. It’s always amazing to me how many life experiences are “predictable” like that. I was/am a middle child–which means I dealt with being the little sister to a perfect older sibling, but also with having to be an example to a little brother. I think maybe middle kids are the wild cards in the bunch.
    Anyhoo, great post–I enjoyed reading.


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