Teachings from Me #1

They have a habit of enveloping the hallways with somberness as pure as a pair of sleep deprived eyes.

When they walk, the blooming daffodils crumble to dust. The windows get festooned with enormous glittering cobwebs and the darkness in the alley makes a labyrinth so dark you lose your way. The creepers creep the walls and moist paint gawks. The dusty curtain drapes and stares.

They can make fresh scented rooms smell like rotten mushrooms.

They will clutch you in their grip and you’ll suffocate in their grasp. They’ll make sure you get pancaked between the walls of their pessimistic grandeur. The kind of people that suck the happiness out of you. 

Advice: Stay Away from Them. Be afraid, be very afraid.

They are ubiquitous; you’ll find them at most places, in various forms, work, school, grocery stores, workshops, college, even family. When you talk to them, they’ll shun you with their negative approach towards every phase of life.

They can be found below the dim yellow light in an empty street cafe. Or maybe in a lonesome cubicle in a Corporate Giant. On rusted benches of sidewalks in a dim niveous vespertide. Under the drooping branches of an old, brown pine.

You tell them their ambitions, they’ll tell you about its inhibitions.

You tell them you’re gleeful and you look forward to life ahead, they’ll remind you about the recent rise of unemployment.

You’ll see the waterfall;  they’ll see the deep valley below.

You’ll see trees; they’ll see forest fires.

You’ll see the ocean; they’ll fear the ship sinking.

You’ll see infinities; they’ll see abyss.

Their eyes are shielded with a dark veil, one that filters the images that come through it. These people are a different personality and they’re very discouraging and difficult to be around. They emanate negative vibrations and are seldom ambitious.


When you find such a person, take 50 steps away. Learn to be around people who not only make you happy, but make themselves happy too. It is one thing to be happy; it is entirely different to ooze out such intense energy from within you that people gravitate towards it like moths to a golden flame.

They will encourage you and help you achieve your goals and make life a little bit easier. They’ll be your little jar of Nutella. Keep them safe.

I’m really thrilled to announce this new segment ‘Teachings by Me’ where I think I’ll be ranting more about the things I learnt by myself and my own personal observations in this course of 18 years. (As if the previous ramblings weren’t enough.) Please feel free to tell me your thoughts. 

10 thoughts on “Teachings from Me #1

  1. I think this shall be a lovely new segment, especially if you continue to come up with such wonderful ways of expressing yourself such as, “niveous vespertides” in place of the rather mundane “snowy evenings”. Absolutely exquisite verbiage my friend, and the point of your entire cautionary tale is well-taken by this lad who is always willing to learn from any of those more wise than he, of any age. 🙂

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    • Your comments are so encouraging it almost forces me to write a novel because I know there will be at least one great person in Canada who’s going to love it! 😀

      I have a genuine love for words. Decent vocabulary attracts me. That’s why I try to learn as many new words as possible as it will ultimately enhance my descriptive capabilities.
      Oh no, I’m pretty sure I’m in no match to your wisdom. I’m just an 18 year scribbler with too much in my head!

      But I’m so glad there are people who understand and are wiling to explore the depths of my rather incoherent and dicey mind.

      Thank you. 🙂

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      • Just please don’t ever give up that love of words, and don’t ever give in to the modern world’s call to PC our English language to death. For 14 years I had a lovely wife, but I made my partner stay out of my bed because his legs were too hairy. Besides, if I was at home, then he had to be in the office. Somebody had to be at work, that’s why it was a “partnership”, not a marriage. 🙂

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  2. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”; its valid even here. If someone shows pessimism towards any action of ours, we can surely try to take it in a constructive way, though I have to admit there would surely be a limit to pessimism but little is always necessary. Its gives one the urge to prove them wrong while it also makes us cautious to predict the consequences in hand. “Iss se burra kuch hoi nahi saktha” types, making us more assured in the way forward 🙂


  3. I’ve learned this the hard way about people. And thanks for the reminder to keep a positive mind! It is a challenge for me as I get older. Dwelling on bad events never changes what happened. It only changes your attitude. And oh, how I must remind myself of this.
    Thanks again for your post!

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