Teachings From Me #2

So I happened to read this quotation on one of my favorite apps called ‘Pinterest.’ And it went something like:

Find other people who operate at your same level of nerdiness, and proceed with the rocking on.”
-Sophie Hudson, Home Is Where My People Are.

And I raised my hands towards heaven and let the angels sing and the yellow glow befall on me while I waltzed around thanking the almighty for acquainting me with such a beautiful quotation.

What a bunch of wonderfully gleeful words and how ridiculously can I relate to it.

You see, as I was proceeding to my ultimate geek-ism; my spectacles getting bigger, myself getting more private, more into books and coffee, more into fandoms, I paused for a moment and realized I had no one to share my fanaticism with. I needed to find my own kind of people. I needed to be around those kind of people, to share and  spread the love.

Again, I was blessed enough to have a best friend who is equally nerdy and she and I, well ..we’re still rocking (not to brag) but we’re awesome.

The point of this short post was:

  • To introduce you with this beautiful quote.
  • To let you all know I’m awesome (didn’t you already?)

more importantly,

  • To make people understand, that you need not to be with people who make you feel even a little less than who you are. Be with the people who love to spend time with you, who appreciate your value and worth. Who, if not relate, but understand your craze for something. Even if that something is a fictional character or a cup of coffee and respect you for it.This will quadruple your spark and hopefully will make you incandescently happy.



(I just invented that).

14 thoughts on “Teachings From Me #2

  1. You are awesome, actually the last quote the one you invented is the one that I like.

    In my neck of the woods writing is considered not a job and for wussies, plus they are Spanish and they don´t read English, so actually my only outlet to seek the people with the same level of crazy is here in wordpress, what I call my free online university. If you don´t consider paying the damn internet.

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    • Thank you so much Charly! 😀

      You know, I can actually relate to you on this. In my group of friends, I have few who understand my passion for verse and literature. They rarely read my stuff and are seldom interested in the work I write.

      So I too, in a way, rely on the wonderful people like you on WordPress who keep appreciating and relating to my thoughts and words. And the best of all, I find here people who somehow think exactly like me, so it’s a comforting thought, since I don’t find that kind of people here, in my country.

      Thank you so much again! 🙂


  2. If I start wearing a dress around the house, and wax my legs, can I get into your Secret Society of Crazy Girls? My voice changed once in my life already, maybe I can get it to change again. I could inhale a lot of helium. That might work. 🙂

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