Teachings from Me #3 (Crazy, eh?)

My first meetings with people usually go through the following transitions-

-Ist Meet– Who on Earth does she think she is? Why doesn’t she speak to anyone? Why doesn’t she seem interested in a talk? 
-1 Month later- Oh well, I guess she’s not that bad. 
-3 Months later- Wait ..What just happened? 
-7 Months later- Will you please STOP TALKING about that gorgeous guy you met in a book? 
-A year later- *usually when they see me dance* I WONDER HOW SHE RAN AWAY FROM THE ASYLUM.

People tell me something is terribly wrong with my brain or maybe I’m missing a screw or something. But from what I’ve observed on the inside people, once they get to know the real me, love to be around me. They laugh with me, that’s the best part I guess.

And from what I’ve deduced until now is I’m not even a tiny bit ‘not proud’ of it. I’ve never found ‘behave like a grown up’ very appealing.

I’ve always had an admiration for people who’re carefree. Not careless, but carefree. I just think that considering how sinister and unfair, pernicious, serious, dark, sombre, fickle, political, tortuous, confusing, drama-queen, backstabbing and 100-faced bit*h life is, the least we can do is play our part in not letting this effect us.

And being crazy, which in a teenager’s tongue applies as having ulterior fun whenever we get the chance- is what will help us get through the aforementioned qualities of life.

Joey and Chandler are just perfection.

What I mean to infer is, it’s kind of okay to leave all the responsibilities for a while, hang them off on a hook or something, and just unburden yourself. Listen and tell stories, think of embarrassing memories from your childhood and laugh at yourself (which I’m a professional at). That’s why it’s often said,

“Some people grow old at 25; some stay young at 70. Age, is just a number.”

So today’s mantra is,

Sometimes, it’s okay to be eccentric and not care about how events are unfolding in your life. Don’t let LIFE or any other aspect suck your juvenescence. You may miss out on some great things available for free in life if you only focus on the ones you have to achieve.

Lay back and take a break.

Don’t take yourself too seriously, learn to laugh at yourself.

“खुद पर हसना सीख़ो।”

(I recently learned this thought from a teacher at my training camp and found it absolutely reverberating.)

21 thoughts on “Teachings from Me #3 (Crazy, eh?)

  1. I have my excuse to laugh at others, but not with malice, it´s because the first one I laugh at is at me! Not taking yourself too seriously works out fine with me, found that out quite a long time ago and don´t think I´m going to change anytime soon.

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    • That’s so correct! When/If I fall down from a couple of stairs or somewhere, I’m usually the first to laugh at myself because I find it hilarious. 😛
      I’m so glad you haven’t carried the ‘serious’ burden and chosen to live a little more lightly.

      No please, never change this wonderful aspect Charlie, it’s a gift. 🙂

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  2. I have a lady friend of mine, who fits the description perfectly. The first time we met, it was at a movie hall, she was sitting beside me, n when the movie ended, she stood up on the seat and was trying to reach the light stream to see if the shadows of her hand reach the screen! For a minute maybe, I was a bit stunned, not cz it may appear crazy or immature, but cz it was a very simple thing to do and she looked happy trying! As i soon found out, she is an exceptional artist, sings well and is very very sharp! Also…. She dances up on her bed, tries to do slalom jumps on the chairs and likes to run on the road arms streched wide! To a lot of ppl, she appears crazy and they do comment against her, I don’t agree, I totally am in awe by her! I particularly liked the lines u write, some grow old at 25, some stay young at 70! Age is truly, just a number! Stay creative, stay awesome, stay crazy 🙂

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    • She must be a wonderful glowing soul I believe. These are rare people ; those who can manage to retain the light within themselves.

      The light stream thing is cool, I’m going to try that out. 😛

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      • Yuup..shes simply amazing!! Shes the one who designed the logo I put on all my pics…and she keeps suggesting good captions for my posts too…check my latest one, named Tattva, thats her suggestion too 🙂
        Try the light stream, lemme know if you receive smiles or frowns 🙂

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    • kaustav ….. that’s MEEEEEE !!!! N m nt evn embarrassed , n at tyms my frndz join me too … i would recommend u to join in … although don’t climb d chairs , leave dt to me. 🙂 N yes , i do wish to stay crazy cuz i belive …. THIS INSANENESS KEEPS ME SANE .

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          • Bing! Thy Turkey is done!

            Lol we are probably seen as two crazy fools to your non-friends fan readers. Always a pleasure to meet another fan! Maybe we can arrange something in future to watch it together with other fans of the show hehe.

            You’re awesome for playing along too. Stay that way 😉

            Your pal,
            David Long

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            • Absolutely. 😛

              I can already see their scrunched confused faces, scratching their head like, “What are these two knuckleheads talking about?” 😛

              That would be the coolest thing ever. We could have a FRIENDS marathon! 😀

              David, could you BE more awesome? 😛

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              • Hahaha Chandler is just the best!
                As of now, I’m planning on something with my blog and it’s quite likely that I’d be including you in it, if you are interested of course 😉

                I’ve always been looking into a collaboration with you, along with some of my other readers and dear fellow bloggers.

                Though I am not sure when things will be fully operational, if you are keen in this little collaboration, please let me know and I will drop you an email in the near future on the proposal on the project 🙂

                Your pal,
                David Long

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                • Oh my goodness. Like why’re you even asking? 😀

                  I’d love to be a part of that collaboration. Please do notify me when all the planning is done. 😀

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