Straight from the Heart

The past week hasn’t been very blissful for me so my thoughts came out through the only source they seep the best through-Poetry. I’m just going to post all of them here, hope you like it. They’re all pretty murky, but I have good reasons.





47 thoughts on “Straight from the Heart

                • I used to be in that kind of a dilemma. Almost lost track of my blog but someone resurrected me back.

                  That ‘someone’ was an asshole as earlier I used to write only when I was blue. πŸ˜› (I have no idea why I just said that.)

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                • The very reason why I took to blogging. I realised I had filled enough diaries and registers, I needed some place to dump all my thoughts, somewhere where they’d be safe and maybe understood.

                  I was sure about the safe part, but the ‘understood’ part was where I was dicey.
                  But it came out as a complete surprise when I found so many people relating to everything I ever said in almost all of my posts. People listened, understood and shared-the kind of thing I’m deprived off in real life.

                  It has been a spectacular odyssey for me so far and I hope the same for you too for judging by your posts, you seem like a person with high values and clear understanding of things-not adulterated by the pangs of society.

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                • Yeah I have literally thousands of hand written notebooks and journals etc. I had a very thought provoking uni course that sparked my WordPress saga and once I started I never looked back! The rest is history you could say.

                  Thanks, I try to observe, meditate on things and share my thoughts/feelings. I have always been an open book so I think that has a lot to do with the honesty apparent in my words. I can discuss deeply personal events with strangers in a completely frank manner. It is the only way I know how, and this is also why people, especially girls, comment on how I am so “easy to talk to.”

                  So I do follow current events in my daily life and worldwide but without sacrificing my sanity. I don’t indulge in every soundbite, never ever ever watch TV besides films on my Mac and read, write, listen/make music and repeat.

                  It has been a total, effortless joy to chat with you by the way. I am already falling in love with how you think and the words you write.

                  You got me hooked honey!!



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                • People who write are always the best kind of people, from what I’ve observed.

                  You make music too, that’s pretty cool I guess. It’s been an utmost pleasure talking to you as well.

                  Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked my work and thank you for stopping by! πŸ™‚
                  It’s always nice to know people who’re much like you.


                • Right on. I already believe we will be regulars on our respective pages. I think you are a brilliant, warm, caring and honest human being aka BEAUTIFUL.

                  Your words are majestic and I can tell you are a well develop character yourself.

                  I value your words deeply as they frequently hit home with the accuracy of a well developed artist.

                  Sending positive vibes!


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                • Thank you Paul. Those words made me all warm and fuzzy- you seldom get such mannered compliments from men these days. Chivalry is alive after all!

                  Thank you again and I’m looking forward to a wonderful virtual camaraderie with you! πŸ˜€
                  I share your thoughts, almost all of them and that makes it extra special.

                  Downloading the positive vibes;I needed those. πŸ˜›


  1. Wow, beautiful words.
    I liked all three of them.

    Wait, don’t tell me you have a typewriter. That would mean that my envy levels will increase. #justSaying

    Anyway, keep writing. πŸ™‚
    And oh, you did say, it wasn’t a blissful week, but these say otherwise.

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