The ‘MAN’

Okaaayyy. So this post is going to be the cheekiest, eye rolling, head nodding, face-scrunching post of the decade. TODAY, dear readers you’re going to see the fluttery butterflies-in-stomach hyper excited and ventilated GIRLY side of me, which is so rare, believe me.

Anyway, so today I’m just going to list and reason out the kind of traits that I find really attractive in a man. Some specific traits that are an instant approval for them.

Even though I live in my world of fantasy and all of my boyfriends either exist in the pages of books or in movies but they DO exist.

 Legolas Greenleaf  and Dean Winchester ❤

So here it goes:


This is like the top most quality. The guy I decide to be with should at least have a sarcasm level equivalent to mine, my level is evil, believe me. 😛 When you understand and relate to each other’s jokes, there’s an instant connection, at least for me.

If his sarcasm level is higher-even better.


This is such an important criteria. “Tlkin lyk dis izz so annoyn.”  At least he should be able to write a paragraph without any grammatical errors.


Well this one sort of personal. I don’t want him to be a retard literally, but he should either be a part of the level of crazy that I have or be comfortable with it, because either way, I’m going to do my thing.


I think every girl agrees with me on this one. Manners are essential to win a girl’s respect and trust and good manners automatically make a man venerable. (Go and ask a Brit) 😛


All right, you probably think that’s ridiculous, but I LOVE Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and if you can’t handle that, you might as well let yourself out, get it precious?


Men who are strong and confident in themselves, who care about their goals and ambitions in life and are working towards them are spot on for every girl. Who know how to take a stand, not just for themselves but also for their girl.


This again is universally applicable. I mean there shouldn’t be any reason to lie. My take on honesty is really straight, go for a bros night out if you want and have the time of your life with the guys, you’re allowed to have your own space, but just don’t lie to me about it.


Okay, please don’t make that face. I agree some of you don’t like public display of affection but I appreciate it. Like not devour and suck the soul out of my body but just not being hesitant to show the love. Like some men don’t like getting too sappy in public as it might deem them as ‘not manly enough.’ Well I don’t want that kind of masculinity in my life.


Men who are actually men and not rugged boys with stripped t-shirts are and will always be a classic. Be classy, be suave.

I  could add more, but those are not as important as the points mentioned above. Obviously, all these traits should be a two-way thing, the men aren’t the only one responsible for these duties.

I have a 10,00,00,00,000 crushes and they keep adding everyday.


What are some of the traits that you’d prefer in your significant other? 

28 thoughts on “The ‘MAN’

  1. I agree with you on all of these points! Sarcasm, yes, otherwise I’m going to look like a mean person! I need someone who can take it and dish it back again.

    Bad grammar is just a major turn off. If you don’t bother to type properly, I’m going to assume you can’t have a deep conversation.

    I’d like to add Harry Potter to the bit about Lord of the Rings though! 90% of the time I’m referencing one or the other, or acting out a scene! If he doesn’t know what I’m doing he’ll either have to learn quickly or run away screaming! 😂

    Hmm … This has given me an idea for a post: why Lord of the Rings and/or Harry Potter knowledge is necessary to be a close friend of mine! May need to work on the title though….

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    • Absolutely! Isn’t sarcasm a total must for boys? God, I so agree with you. He’d probably make a poker face everytime I shoot a humor. 😛

      I’m so glad there are other girls who find grammar equally essential! There are so many women I know who only concentrate on looks and whether or not he has a BODY. Ugh. My turn on depends on the fluency of his grammar and vocabulary. 😛

      Yeah, I sort of agree. Knowledge about Harry Potter series is also a must. OMG same, I make HP and LOTR references too. What’s the fun if he won’t understand any?

      Please do write a post about it, I’d love to read it! 😀

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  2. Ugh, yes. I love the Lord of the Rings, but I’d substitute in Harry Potter. I MADE Cody watch all 8 Harry Potter movies when we started dating so that he could understand me better.

    Also, Patience. There is nothing more attractive to me than a patient man.

    Simplicity. (Since when did guys start being so complicated?)

    But yes yes yes I love this list!

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    • I think I won’t substitute Harry potter but I’d add Harry Potter to the list. 😛
      For me, LOTR would always be a teeny tiny better that HP, so I’d prefer him to watch Lord of the Rings first. 😛

      Anyway, fantasies are fantasies and they’re always awesome, be it any kind.

      That’s a great idea Kassie, I’d make my future guy watch it too if he’s too good to let go. 😉

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  3. You drive a tough bargain milady, but for a prize such as yourself, I shall douse myself in midnight oil just to stay awake learning all the finer points that will bring the smile to your face which will send the sun into hiding from the abject shame of being unable to compete with the brilliance of your magnificent radiance. And then we’ll go out for pizza.

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    • Such a gentleman you are, Mr. Brian. I wish the bachelors of today could learn something from people as chivalrous as you.

      Once again, what a beautiful comment and it had me smiling at my cell phone like an idiot. 😀


  4. thoughts coming straight out from a guys mind…. ‘its too much to ask for’ 😉 🙂 guys come in limited packages 🙂 but yes there would be one in maybe a few thousands who might come close. Keep your eyes and ears open… he might be around you, if all you know 😀

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    • I was wondering some guy would comment something like that. ‘Too much to ask for.’ Okay, I agree on that. 😛 But honesty, respect, confidence are all basic human values that build the foundation for a strong relationship, isn’t it?

      About the movies and other extra things, well ..I could easily train him for those. 😉 I’d make him sit for hours to watch Lord of the Rings. 😛

      How else is he going to understand my Gandalf references? 😛

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  5. Finding the mix of “retard” and “classy” might be a difficult one. But I guess, when you find the one, it ll be worth the wait! 🙂 Good luck with keeping those antenna up in the scan mode 🙂

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    • I know, that’s why many of friends say, “Aakansha, you’d die alone. Why don’t you just accept this fact.
      No one from your precious books is coming for you, wake up, this is reality.” Lol.
      But you know the thing is, even if he’s classy up front I’d want him to be a retard with me. Just me.

      Aaahhhhh, I’m a lady of high hopes and fantasies and I won’t let reality get in the way. I’ll keep hoping. *fingers crossed* 😛

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  6. …This definitely is a different side that I’m seeing. I have definitely showed you my romantic side in my emails but this is a step up for you. I find it sad that most guys aren’t up to this. It isn’t that hard for us normal gentlemen who are real MEN. This is exactly why a lot of INTJ females have trouble…like we were talking about.

    You would still date a guy who’s going to a strip club??? Why?

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    • Yep, this is an extremely different side of me. The giddy one that resides inside.
      Yes actually it is, that’s why I was wondering whether or not I should post this. This could change my reader’s perception about me.

      Yeah I know. That’s why I’m on the look out for real gentlemen. Yes we talked about this, INTJ females have trouble finding the the right partner.

      I didn’t say I would still date him. Of course not, but if he just went to the strip club then it would be a normal break up, but if he lies to me about it, then it might get ugly if you know what I mean. 😛

      All I did was use an extreme analogy, that of a strip club, but I’m talking about the routine things. Like if someday he just wants to hang out with his bros then he can be honest with me about it and I won’t mind, really I’d be open to the idea. But if he lies to me and goes out in secrecy, then it might cause a huge problem along with trust issues.


      • I don’t think that matters really. I can’t imagine that you would do a post centered on strip clubs. All I can say is that there a far more fun clubs to be in like book club or psychology clubs. You know the the clubs that rewire your brain in a good way to be smarter.

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  7. Hey magical writer,

    List of nine
    Is that fine?
    Rides your enthusiasm
    Adds glamour
    Very hard
    Lords of rings
    Hobbit are must
    Brave,Confidence & honesty
    Builds trust
    Jack and Jill
    Who fits the bill? 😀

    Just trying to be spontaneous :)) Super cool list.

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  8. In a world of 7 Billion people, you have 10 Billion crushes who fulfill the above criteria and I am not among them. This technically means That I am even worse than the 3 billion people who are yet to come to this world. I was smiling throughout the post but the last line destroyed me 😛


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