The Theory of Geekism

You’ll find them curled up in secluded corners of empty libraries, too engrossed in their precious book to pay attention to the world. You’ll find them lingering quietly in record stores, finding peace among music recorded years ago.

You’ll find their cell phones brimming with pictures full of quotes and notes from strange authors. You’ll always hear them talk about the most random and the most peculiar things in life. They’ll rhapsodize over something as small as a coin or as vast as the ocean.

They see poetry in the buzz of the city, in a heartbreak or a stormy sky. Somehow they’ll relate every situation to some lyric they heard in a track a long time ago or maybe to an incident in the life of their favorite character in a book.

What amazes me about Geekism, is not just the obsession with things that do not exist, but the intense passion they possess for it. Think about it, these people are head over heels for something they can only feel, not touch or see. Or maybe it is something they can see and touch, but it’s more than just a THING for them, they crave it in the most eccentric way.

How amazing is that?

Honestly, I covet these people. People whose eyes light up on the mention of their object of affection. People who know how to feel too deeply; who have more than just a reason to live.

It can be for anything, the passion. It can be for the sky or the stars or just the limpid blue ocean, it can be a book or a sport or maybe a place, but it’s their profound love for it-that is magic. It is how they can’t get enough of it-that is wondrous.

How they’re not ashamed of singing their love for it, how unapologetic-ally expressive they are about it. How honest their love for it is.

And not only this, it amazes me to think, that when these people can romanticize over abstract things and feel infinite beauty in something as simple as the slow patter of the rain, or the smell of the Earth; when they can feel so deeply for things that do not exist, what would happen when they fall in love with a human?

What on Earth would happen when they fall in love with someone who’s right in front of their eyes? What would be the intensity of that passion and how magically would they express it?

They are keepers. They’re loyal to their passion. They understand emotions. If you ever find a passionate human, stick with them. Hold on to them. Don’t let them go.

19 thoughts on “The Theory of Geekism

    • I was thinking to myself, “Wait, is nobody getting what I’m trying to infer here?”
      And then your comment popped up and it made me so happy to find out there are mature souls who understand the importance passion has in today’s world.

      You made my day and your existence is very precious my friend, not all people think like you do. 🙂

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  1. I completely got what you were trying to let people know. I am really happy you thought so much for me. But the main part has been done by you, I just gave my thought over it. Not everyone has that courage to put their point so perfectly.! 🙂
    Glad to know that I made your day. 🙂

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  2. This is so cool and wonderfully expressed. I love the quote. For me geekism is not only about having such a passion for something that only exists in our imaginations like you alluded to, but it’s also about wanting so badly for the people you’re sharing your geekism with to mirror that same passion.

    It’s such a great feeling for me when I introduce something I geek about with someone for the first time and they immediately latch onto it with that same level of enthusiasm.

    I read a wonderful quote from novelist Toni Morrison, “If there’s a book you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

    I don’t know of a more perfect way to explain the origin of a geek concept knowing full well she isn’t referring to geeks specifically.

    That being said, (as I continue to go off in a tangent as I often do), there’s an AMAZING book that exemplifies geekiness to its ultimate mecca and core called “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. If you are a child of the 1980’s like I am and want to read about an adventure that reads like a geek encyclopedia that’s a cross between Willy Wonka and The Matrix, read Ready Player One now!

    I’ll include a link to my own review below.

    See what I just did there? No shame… lol.

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    • What a wonderful comment! I absolutely agree with you, I get completely giddy when someone gets enthusiastic about a song or a book that I’m crazy about, because now I share my geekism and fanaticism with him or her. It’s a surprisingly satisfying and proud feeling, isn’t it? When someone likes your choice of things, like you own it in some way. 😛

      Even though I’m not a child of the 80s I’m still going to read the book you suggested. No issues at all, all the geeks are welcome to my blogosphere! 😀

      Thank you for that beautiful comment, brought a smile to my face. 🙂


  3. I am definitely one of those geeks of which you speak and while it didn’t make school particularly easy I definitely embrace it now! Every thing that I live I relate to song lyrics and I’m not ashamed of the desire to sit in the library or sit outside at night and imagine what is up there in space 🙂

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    • I think every geek has a slightly harder time in school. As for me, it’s not that I got bullied or made fun of but I was craving to find some people like me. My school had very handful of geeks.

      Space has always caught my curiosity too. I often just bluntly look straight at the sky and stare at it and try to figure out things. People probably think I’m a lunatic.

      We’re similar people, I believe. 🙂

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  4. It was quite a passionate analysis of passion ! I’ll admit that I never really thought this way, but the more I think of such examples, more I realize that each word written here by you is absolutely true! I have a feeling that with an observation this keen, you too are one of amazing geeks. (After all, we all are unique geeks 😉 )
    And it was indeed some great realization and advice in the end. Passion is a virtue that only special ones possess, and they are always a rare find 🙂

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  5. First off I want to say fantastic blog! I had a quick question which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind.
    I was curious to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing.
    I’ve had a tough time clearing my mind in getting my thoughts out there.

    I do enjoy writing but it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes tend to be wasted just trying to figure out how
    to begin. Any suggestions or tips? Appreciate it!

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    • Thank you so much!

      Aaah, interesting question but you see, that’s the thing, I NEVER clear my mind BEFORE writing something, the cloud of confusion lifts while my fingers are tapping the letters. I get one idea, I open my computer and I begin writing. And in the process, I find the fog lifting up and things become clearer.
      Of course some people are downright confident about what they’re about to write, but that’s not the case with me.

      After writing and editing several times do I feel the satisfaction of a proper post, a post that reflects exactly what I wanted to infer.

      If you need to ask anything else, feel free to contact me from the ‘Get in Touch’ column.



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