Teachings from Me #5 (Spread Love)

Recently, I read this amazing thing on the internet and it really hovered on my mind for quite a good deal of time. After some serious mulling over and considering all of its pros and cons, I muttered to myself, “Alright, let’s do this.”

And so I did.

In brief, what that little caption said was, “Life was too short to be inexpressive and hesitant about your emotions. The only person you’re causing harm to by keeping all of those sappiness bottled up is yourself. So always make sure that when you love someone, you let them know. You might get hit by a bus tomorrow and any second might be your last. Even worse, you might take those last breaths regretting about why you couldn’t say what you felt.

So go and confess and express and sing your heart out. Pour some warm happy glow over everyone you love.

You never know when the bus is coming.”

And so I decided to incorporate this idea in my life. Actually, I decided to exhume it. Because I have always been very expressive about my feelings for everyone. I have always made people know how much I cared about them even if they found it uncomfortable or just plain awkward.

But a series of unfortunate events made me close my doors for everyone.

But I decided to turn my life around and have been doing so from the last week. I have been very blatant about my feelings for anyone. I’ve been concentrating on so much positive energy lately that I feel weird. I also realised the amount of time I had been choking in negativity that I forgot how it was to be ‘giddy’ and unconventionally happy.

I promised to myself that never would I let anyone else dim my sparkle. I won’t let someone else’s lack of expressing affect my inner light.

I gathered all my strength and confessed about my high school crush to a guy and his reply just made my day. And while reading it I wondered, “Why didn’t I do this before?”

I’m just reviving my life, catching up with friends, hanging out more, laughing more, eating more. Forgiving myself, forgiving others, writing more, trying to make things better.

So this post is for all those who might be a little grey today, remember, you’re the only one who can make yourself happy. You have the power to take control of that big, beating heart. Change the sheets of your room, arrange your books again, spray some freshener, take a long shower, put on some perfume, take a walk-just do anything. But more importantly, do all these things for yourself.

Tell yourself you’re amazing, even tell your loved ones they’re amazing, people might think you’re eccentric, but hey, it’s the weirdos who do great things.

This might even sound a little difficult to imply, but it’s a challenge. DO IT. Go and tell someone they matter. You’d be surprised at how instantly happy you feel.

Heads up for a positive post.

Go, message your crush now!

28 thoughts on “Teachings from Me #5 (Spread Love)

    • Thank you! And I’m so glad I was precocious enough to realise that at this age, isn’t it?

      I totally agree with what you said. Moving on is also essential, but at least you wouldn’t be burdened with the feeling of remorse.

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  1. Rather than wishing for something, its worth a while to do that thing and ponder what we learnt from it, than feeling down for not doing it. Follow one’s heart and life wouldn’t be that grey anymore! Thank you for such a wonderful write up, filled with full on positive energy 🙂

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  2. Haha I love this post so much ! I remember watching the movie ‘Kal ho na ho’ about 5 years back and getting the same inspiration and I sang my heart out in front of her. The result was not so good but today I really feel proud of my impulsive decision (which was taken after many years of thinking and procrastinating) 😛
    I am really happy for you now. God bless 🙂

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    • Kal ho na ho will always be one of my ‘I can watch this anytime’ movies.

      Hahahhahaa, so you did this way back hun? I salute you for your guts. I know, right? Surprisingly these little acts of valor turn into a happy memory, even if we didn’t win the battle.

      My best friend was really proud of me too and shocked as well from what I did. 😛

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