I feel so old right now. It’s been so long since I last properly posted on wordpress that I feel like a stranger to my very own blog and my very own community. I just hope all of you beautiful people are doing well.

IF any of you remember, I was completely engrossed with my finals and was fully fed up working hard throughout them. Now I’m back to chatter and rant again.

A thought popped up in my head during these finals, that how actually irritating exams are. Especially when you can easily go on a vacation to Miami and come back during the 2-3 centuries long gaps provided in between each paper.
I was craving for some fresh air and fun and these exams hovered around my head like grey clouds; all sinister and sombre.

I’ll just pour all my frustration here, enjoy.

10 things you do during your exams (if you are a student like me. :P)

  • You find every single thing in your room interesting EXCEPT for the book resting on your table.
  • Every half an hour you check the number of chapters you have to finish.
  • You drool over the thought of your days after the exams, but practically do nothing after they finish.
  • You imagine yourself graciously accepting the trophy for the college topper with a thunderous applause.
  • You get worried sick when your friend is WAY ahead of you in the course.
  • You are caught somewhere in the middle. If you spend time in recreation you get worried you’re not studying; when you actually study, you feel you deserve a break.
  • You ponder over the intricacies of life and how during this journey one accumulates sheer wisdom and strength from the events occurring and how life unfolds various surprises and how these exams are the one thing you do not want to pursue right now. (Unnecessarily philosophical :P)
  • SOMETIMES, you even read the preface or acknowledgement of the book and wonder how successful the author of this book is.
  • You’re always paranoid after giving the exam. (I always am.)
  • And lastly, you discover various talents in yourself; like how good you are at doodling and making paper boats and calligraphy.

These points may not apply to every student, they’re just an accumulation of some common points that most of the students nod their head on. Take this post as a jumpstart to many more to come.

I hope all of you are doing well, I missed you guys. 🙂