Happy Place

I know I have been severely erratic with my posts and I’ve been denoting my presence on WordPress with bits and pieces of hurriedly scribbled poetry lately and if anyone is unhappy, I truly apologize.

I don’t quite have an excuse, it’s not like I’ve been ‘awfully busy’ or anything. I’ve just temporarily lost my flair for everything.

Yesterday, I was wondering about how different people seek happiness in different ways.

Some find it in luxury, some in technology and for some happiness can be something as ordinary as a nice cup of tea or a fresh morning stroll. Every human, no matter how colorless, mundane or outgoing he may be, has a happy place.

It might be somewhere far and desolate with more nature around or amidst the glare of the buzzing life of the city with the traffic and the lights.

Believe it or not, even sitting among so much LIFE can sometimes bring a kind of peace that is hard to define. It might be with a friend or just the company of our own, but we all have it. Our happy place.

A small corner of tranquility, far from the claws of noise and conundrum. Somewhere, no matter how bad it gets, we’ll always be if not necessarily euphoric, then at least at peace with ourselves.

Our escape, our retreat. Somewhere you can just shut down for sometime.

Like our very own mind palace, we’re able to clear our minds and not think about anything for a while. This gives space for good thoughts and fresh vibes.Β 

I’ve been meaning to ask people about this. What exactly is their happy place? Where do they go when things seem out of hand for a while?
If there’s anyone out there wondering about me, then I have two happy places.

One is when I’m alone, in my very own company or when I’m with my music. Just some sweet melody from a piano or violen. The tunes tickle my mind and my soul smiles. It’s so comforting.

Second is when I’m here. Writing a post, unburdening my mind and pouring out my heart and soul on this white digital sheet. It’s surreal to think that two years have passed since the incorporation of ‘Brooding in the Tepid Dusk’ and I’m short of words to explain how much this blog and the wonderful community on it has helped me through my thick and thins.

What an important portal this blog is for me to escape and blurt all the emotions out. I feel truly at home when I’m writing here.

And honestly, it’s the people who care to read who make it even more worthy. It’s the people who make this place my happy place. So thank you for that.

If you haven’t been able to identify your happy place, pay close attention to your life and you may find so many normal things that make you jovial. Sometimes, life’s biggest blessings are hidden underneath the most ordinary details. For us to maybe eventually learn to appreciate their worth.

So if you’re still dubious, then please go find your happy place. Don’t ask anyone but yourself. What do you do when you’re ill at ease? What makes you happy despite all odds? What or where is the one place where you’re the most raw and happiness brews to serve you the greatest bottle of wine.

And if you’ve already found it, then tell me about it. About your happy place. Where do you go? Whom do you go with? What do you seek?

30 thoughts on “Happy Place

  1. Hey Magical writer,

    You cast a spell on a reader with your posts.:) For me happiness is a).to sing and record it on my mobile.
    b). Write lyrics & poems.

    Bloggers always bring sunshine into people’s life.:)

    Happy second anniversary “Brooding in the tepid dusk” (Y).Wish you all the best and may all your dreams come true.


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    • My definition of happiness was baby Looney Toones earlier. πŸ˜› Now it’s different and complicated too. Agreed, that’s just growing up.
      Aaah! I love that as well. Tea/coffee and books. Nothing can compete that. πŸ˜€


  2. Happy blogiversary! (even I was shocked to know a word like that exists :D)
    Beautiful post, it made me think where my happy place would be. Then after much deliberation, i think it should be somewhere cold where i have a hot brewing coffee in my hand, and the laptop screen flashing a blank word page. That should be bliss as of now πŸ˜€

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  3. I’m glad that writing helps you and I’m glad that I get to read the outcome. I used to have a place by the sea above huge cliffs that I would go to to find peace and just read a book. I need to find a new happy place!

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    • Your definition of happiness inspires me. I sort of agree with you. Even when I’m surrounded with all the people I love, every place becomes happy.
      Thank you for enunciating that thought. πŸ™‚

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  4. I’ve missed you Mr. David. I pray you’re in good health and that a mighty smile may adorn your face throughout your thick and thins.

    A place of solitude is my soul’s choice of a happy place too. πŸ™‚

    ‘Preparing for another round?’ Is everything fine on your side Mr. David?


  5. You wrote this almost a year ago, so it might not interest you to know where my happy place is, but I’m gonna take the risk and tell you! πŸ™‚ My happy place is landing in Portugal and walking on the beach. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen too often, so my other happy place is sitting in my garden on a warm sunny day with a really good book. This is such a good post, that I think I will create a few more happy places and visit at least once a day – so good for the soul!

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    • I’m always more than willing to know everybody’s happy place. πŸ˜€
      I’ve never been to a beach yet but I’m 100% sure that the beach you’re talking about is a home away from home.

      Laying back in my garden and reading is definitely one of my happy places too. πŸ˜€

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  6. My phone does this thing with everyone’s blog post where it mixes up the entries and times of the post so I get to see random post from the past when I view anyone’s site. I love your work! Hopefully things are going better for you these days and you can come back to your happy place and help inspire us all 😁 This is also my happy place and we have to come here as much as we can to avoid a mad world. Have a great day!

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