Sweater Weather

Have you ever wondered how weather affects your mood? Like when the sun is glaring and heat strokes sweep the city, and you have to be out for some unavoidable errand, you are bound to feel sulky, don’t you? Nobody likes to get barbecued alive.

Then there’s the festive winters. Reminding us to sometimes stop and lay back, spend time with family. Perhaps that’s why the snow blocks the road? To force people to stay inside?
“Okay, you frenzied humans, it’s time you paused your work and stayed back!  Yes you Mr. Busy -Corporate-Man-with-a-Starbucks! GET BACK. No work today!” says the snow.

As we enter the doorway to Autumn, when the trees shed their leaves to remind us that it’s okay to start afresh every year. To let go of anything no longer significant in our life and give ourselves a spell of wintery break, and then welcome fresh greenery again, we find ourselves welcoming a new spell of season, Autumn.

I sat alone under a tree today and felt the weather change. The sun no longer felt corrosive, it was comforting. A gush of wind blew across me, causing the tree above to wave so frantically like it was being tickled. I felt the wind give me a warm embrace, reminding me of Autumn’s arrival.
And after what feels like a lifetime, I felt at peace, though momentarily.

Those who’ve been reading this blog for a while, might already be aware of this blogger’s irrevocable love for the Winter season. To the new ones, well now you do. Or if you’re more curious, go here.

Sometimes, as I stroll through the field in the morning, the slight chill in the air reminds me that winter is just around the corner. Like someone poking me to remember and prepare for its magnificent arrival. I have always eagerly waited for winters and sometimes I do feel that maybe, it waits for me too. So in the meantime, it gives me small hints in the form of these occasional chills, like the smell of a delicious soup taking its good time to brew, but reminding me that it’ll soon be on my table.

I can’t say what affect does the weather have on you. Some people might take it like an ordinary affair. “Oh the Earth just revolves, so that’s not really a big deal!”

But I think, that the seasons are a wonderfully apt example of how changes can also be beautiful and how each one of them carries with itself a blessing, though initially hidden as an adversity.

Happy Autumn to each one of you.
And as for your little blogger, she can’t wait for December.

17 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. I wrote on someone else’s blog recently that I get the most accomplished in winter. I read the most books, work on the most side little projects and in general feel accomplished. That being said, I’m not a fan of the outside of winter. After the first one or two snowfalls I tire of the snow. But to each their own of course! I have a blog series called My Four Seasons if you ever have the time to read. Kind of a mini-biography of me using photos of trees through all four seasons. Nice post!


    • I think you just said something wonderful here. Winters indeed make me more productive too. On different kind of things though.
      I can imagine the monotony of the snow. But would you be surprised if I told that I’ve never, seen snow or snowfall in my life, not once? Because I haven’t. Maybe this is the reason my more eager side tells me I’d never get bored of it.

      If your blog harbours nature in any form, then I’m going straight away to explore it! Thank you for your kind comment.

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      • I’d like to experience winter somewhere else so that it is just a temperature change perhaps and not so brutal. Here in NYC it doesn’t snow much some winters, but it is the cold that wears you down. I can imagine how exciting the experience of your first snow would be. I have known people that had that experience and they were like little children seeing it!

        Sometimes my blogs have nature elements to them, sometimes not but in any case, thank you! I really enjoyed how you wrote this one πŸ™‚


        • The winters here in India are becoming weaker every year. I remember when I was in school, I couldn’t wait for winter to reach its extreme and the schools as a result to close.
          Even now sometime around early January, I get the same feel, but it’s not powerful. Don’t get me wrong, even I feel terribly uncomfortable in winters sometimes, especially when I’m driving, but I guess it’s the scorching summers in India that make me desperate of some relief in the form of cold.

          I hope no one films my first encounter with snow. I’d probably come off as a lunatic. Haha!
          And I really enjoyed this brief conversation with you Mr. Doyle. πŸ™‚

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  2. Happy Autumn:)

    Invokes an atom
    In you
    In me
    In everyone of us
    Feel the rhythm of autumn:)

    Will soon enter
    Days are short
    Soup so hot
    Nights are long
    I’m on a song
    Warm sweaters
    Life becomes better:D.

    I love winters:))

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  3. Though I’m sure by now you must be absolutely fed up with listening to me go on and on about how much I love this city I live in, and how, since moving here full-time 36 years ago (more-or-less), I wouldn’t live in any other city in the world, there is ONE thing that I do miss about the province in which I was born, that you just don’t get to see out here on the west coast. The changing of the seasons. I mean, we do get a certain amount of change, but lately, with everything apparently conspiring to even out, we’re losing whatever little quiddity our seasons used to have, and that does make me sad. So happy Autumn to you as well, and if the changes should get to be a little too much for you my friend, you just bottle some of it up and send it out my way. As long as you don’t over-do it, it will be muchly appreciated, just as you yourself always are.

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