I Got It

I get it.
When you told me you loved me, while simultaneously replying to an urgent mail.
I get it.
When you said you were too tired from work, to listen to how much I loved the rain.
I get it.
When you said I should cut the carbs, for all the weight I’ve gained.
I get it.
How at parties I was invisible, for you were too busy shaking hands and making bargains.
I saw it.
How you fixed your gaze on how she talked and glowed like fire.Β Β 
I saw it.
How when we came home, you still couldn’t stop talking about her.
I noticed it.
How you started drifting away, for you said you had important work.
I understood it.
That you instead chose to spend your time with her.
I reckon.Β 
As I lie in my bed alone,
And the rain beats down my window pane.
If you ever managed to understand,
How fiercely I loved the rain.
My floor is covered with pictures of you.
While you’re with her singing a happy song.
I’m still here trying to contemplate,
Where is it that I went wrong?

29 thoughts on “I Got It

  1. Another amazing piece from my favorite amazing young lady. In the Springtime of your talents, your gifts are blossoming into beautiful blooms full of the promise of sweet nectar yet to come. You keep working at it, and they’ll be listing you right alongside Keats and Shelley in no time at all. Take care now, and best wishes as the holiday season approaches (is it also the holiday season in your part of the world?).

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    • Thank you so much. And I’ve been missing your wonderfully creative and thoughtful comments on my posts.
      Yes, the holiday season is here as well. We have Diwali approaching in a couple of days. So Happy Diwali to you Mr. David. πŸ™‚

      Please keep visiting my humble blog often. Otherwise it gets lonely and asks me, “Where did Mr. David go?”

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      • Aww…now I’m all choked up. You just tell your site I shall endeavor to make it down as often as this old body of mine will allow these creaky fingers to tap these keys. We shall see you then. : )

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  2. All that and silly me forgot to wish you a very joyous Diwali. Have a wonderful time, and say a puja for me if that is acceptable (I can use all the prayers I can get).

    May a light always shine
    Be it large or be it small
    For in the presence of a single light
    Darkness cannot exist at all.

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