Words Not Said Often

There is plenty of stuff we keep in our minds as we stroll through life everyday.  These subdued emotions have the power to untangle a lot of issues made complicated by our own selves, by not saying what we truly want to.

Women are usually grilled for this phenomena. To never tell what they honestly mean or want and somehow expect the other person to understand the labyrinth in their mind.

But I think this can be applied a little more widely. In some or the other way, aren’t we all the same at times? Feeling something we are too hesitant to voice out and  wanting the other person to just know. Or saying something we really want to but allowing some other contrary emotion like pride or hesitation getting in the way, failing us to speak what we wished to.

I’m sure everyone has gone through it.

The funny part is, even after realizing that confessing it to the person right there would save both of them a whole lot of drama, we still choose to play the silent game. I don’t know, maybe we enjoy it?

We’ve had this conversation in our mind where we’re about to blurt everything out but then it usually ends with this, “You know what? Leave it. It doesn’t matter.”

News flash: IT DOES.

You probably think that that girl already got a lot of compliments on her sweater so you resist adding more to the list.

Word Of Advice: YOU SHOULD.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if someone else lauded her. You did and that made her happy.

You want that someone to text you?

Why play the ‘I’ll ignore you unless you text first’ game? Go ahead, say ‘Hi!’ It’ll save a lot of time wouldn’t it?

As it is people are more surprised by kindness than malice. Plus, if it makes someone’s day, why keep it inside? Tell her, her hair looks wonderful today. Tell him he makes surprisingly great coffee! Tell them their voice is brilliant and together they sound sublime.

Try it out, who knows, someday someone might pop a compliment for you too!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

21 thoughts on “Words Not Said Often

  1. Nicely written.

    Everybody have the inhibition to tell / compliment / say what they are thinking, but most don’t. It’s not about the ego, but it is mostly about how the other person will take it. Yes, a compliment is not always discarded but then again, with all the people around catcalling and whatnot, most guys don’t dare to ( I am just giving an example).
    But yes, putting it out in the light is much better than keeping it all to oneself.

    Nice post. Keep writing. 🙂

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    • I completely understand what you mean. It’s alright, I welcome all kinds of opinions. They help me sort all these issues.The more diverse opinions the better it is to come to a solution.

      I know it gets hard and often creepy to be all honest about every single thing, but small little compliments about a thing or two might change someone’s mood. 🙂

      Thank you for that wonderful comment. 🙂

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      • Well, I am glad. 🙂
        Yes, it often gets creepy and small things do matter and could definitely change someone’s mood.
        I wish more people thought like you. It so happens that a lot of people act way too stupidly and eventually, it gives the impression (sort of) that even the small compliment (however genuine it might be) is taken as someone hitting on them. That small fear you know, holds the decent appreciators back. Like I said, I wish more people thought like you do. 🙂

        Aren’t you generous! 🙂

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        • You flatter me, really. Honestly I’m trying to imbibe this practice in my life. To be genuinely appreciative of others.
          I hope it gives me positive results. Haha. Although I have to admit, it is actually a little difficult. Now this makes question the state of this world.

          Giving compliments is difficult and awkward while shaming someone is quite simple.
          What have we come to.

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          • I hope in a good way. 😛
            Well, I think that’s a good thing – to be appreciative of others. I have been doing the same. Or I think I am doing. 🙂
            Ah, the state of the world. Well, at least you are doing well and I am sure there are a few more, but we need a lot lot lot lot more. It’s a long shot or more like a shot in the dark, but someday.

            I know right! Even if someone takes the courage to compliment/appreciate, and if they aren’t acknowledged, it is a state of concern.

            I hope all this changes, soon. 🙂

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  2. Everyday loves complement, be it a ‘meal served everyday’, or a new watch, or the okay-kind sweater one wore today, or the finicky boss giving a routine presentation, or a girl with anything new on her bod, or a guy who had haircut yesterday.

    Nice post.

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