Post Life

Perhaps the most exacting part of growing up is realizing that you are now expected to perform. And that there is no scope left for chances. That there are certain results of a certain magnitude that people want to see you deliver. And you look around and you don’t see protection or second chances, but you see a battle. And even the strongest people I’ve met, have agreed to have felt that fear. Fear of under-achieving, fear of failure, fear of letting down and fear of not being good enough.

It is even worse when your heart has chosen to make a home in a place where the only way to reach it, is to take a chance. And you’re not fortunate enough to take that chance. What we are not told when we take our very first step into the world, is that we only need to grow while learning through this life. And experience its various nuances, replenish your soul with experiences-both good and bad and keeping riches and fortunes as a secondary goal.

Not learn to earn, but learn to understand the right way to live. Don’t hurt yourself mentally in the ache of not being the first horse in the race. It is okay. The onerous competition around us and the fear of failure is like a dark cloud; quiet and threatening.

What we need to propagate, is to make yourself, your life, your growth and your happiness of prime importance. Make sure to not be effected by what others are doing, but to slowly and steadily find your calling. And even if you don’t-IT IS OKAY. That’s what we need to say more- IT IS OKAY.

So the next time you feel fear creeping up your backbone, take a deep breath and tell yourself, ‘You’ve got this. IT IS OKAY.’ 

I’m also very happy to announce that we officially have a Facebook Page. I, in collaboration with a bunch of my supremely talented friends launched our page, The Theories of Everything where we would post occasional words, thoughts and write ups that we pen down.
We’ve also collaborated with our brilliant designer Zer0ality who has taken up the duty to design our posts.

Apart from this, we’ve all chosen to keep our posts anonymous for we wish to let our words speak for ourselves. I know you’ve all done more than enough for me here on WordPress but I really wish from my heart is that whoever is on Facebook, please promote our page, like and/or share according to your wishes for I’d be eternally grateful to you all.

I assure you, the write ups will be beautiful and you would not regret any of it. But even if you don’t I will only add, IT IS OKAY.

Love always,
Your blogger.

5 thoughts on “Post Life

  1. I think you and your friends have got this. Now I think I mentioned before that I don’t do Facebook, but I do visit here, so in keeping with your wonderful theme, I am going to assume that that is OK, and I’ll just have to find out how your Facebook project is working out on a second-hand basis. Best of luck with it all, I know you will do absolutely excellent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Mr. David. And yes I’m well aware that you do not use Facebook and I am completely okay with that.
      But if you have some friends or relatives who’re on Facebook and appreciate a good word or two, please be kind enough to share the link with him.

      I would be indebted to you.
      Also, you never forwarded me the re-edited version of your book? My finals are over sir and I’d be more than willing to give it a read! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m working on piecing that back together myself since my computer got hacked last month and I had to have it wiped. The service people saved most of my materials, but lost the latest draft, and all my research notes. You’ll have to give me some time on this one I’m afraid, but I will get it to you ASAP.


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