Some Great Elysium

I need you to be in a specific mood before reading this post. It’s important. So before you go on reading, I want you to watch this video and listen to this song. Then we’ll talk.

I hope you liked the song. I’ve listened to it 14 times already.

For a long while, I’ve harbored this notion that everybody, in some phase of their life, has a ‘turning point.’ A day, or maybe a month or maybe a year in which things happened that changed you. For better or for worse.

My best friend and I have a code name for this, we like to call it the ‘year.’ Mostly because for both of us it was this one particular year that changed us, completely. So whenever we see somebody in  a ‘pre-year’ phase, we shake our heads and say, ‘Oh he just hasn’t had his ‘year’ yet.’ 

Most of the time, these changes are permanent. This is what hones us as we grow up. This is what gives us our unique personality. This is what makes each one of us different. Anything could trigger this change- One particular incident, a series of incidents, a heavy loss, some serious betrayal, a miracle, serendipity?  Like I said- for better or for worse.

Nevertheless, these changes are important. To some they might be heartbreaking and they might miss the person they were before the change. To some, it would almost seem magical.

These are certain periods in your life that are specifically designed for you to learn from. You might not see it on the surface but they’re here to provide answers to some questions you’ve buried too long. They’re here to give you the absolute truth. They’re here to give you your perspective of things.

This phase is what blurs the wall between  crudity and maturity. Don’t get me wrong, you’re the still the same person, you still enjoy the things you love, it is just your view that changes. It is your way of calibrating the life around you that transforms.

And I’m going to say it again- it is important. This change, if understood and not resisted, might become your greatest teacher. There is no timeline for the ‘year’ to happen. It can happen at any age.

Some people are lucky enough to have it soon. Most of us have it multiple times in our life. I myself have had it twice. But I’m glad every single day it did. It made me the person I am today. Stronger, more empathetic and more headstrong.

Reflect on your life for once, go back and think about the day that changed you.

You did find something, didn’t you?

P.s- As for the song, I don’t exactly know why I shared it particularly with this post. But maybe because in the video you can see the death of their friend transforming all the friends. Just maybe. 

Love always,

Your blogger.

7 thoughts on “Some Great Elysium

  1. What an awesome post! First off, I really liked the song and appreciated the context of the video. More than that I really like this idea of you and your friends of ‘the year’. I wish I could say when exactly that happened for me. It may have happened in college….maybe. But I almost feel like in a lot of ways that it did not happen until after my accident. Because as you say, that is when I really started to feel things differently-good, bad, and everything in between. I keep referencing it because I feel like it really did shape who I am now in a lot of ways. As you say I liked the same things, I was the same person…but my viewpoint somehow changed. Great job here!

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    • I’m glad you liked the song. I simply cannot get enough of this band. There’s another one called ‘Above the clouds of Pompeii’ by the same band.
      I think you’ll like that one too.

      Anyway. Thank you for reading this. And yes my friend and I have this concept of the ‘year.’ It used to be our thing but I thought I should share it with people. haha

      I always knew there would be a lot of people admitting to have experienced some form of incident that changed them. I’m glad you found one too. Have you written about the accident you’re referring about? On your blog?

      If yes then I must have missed it! Do let me know if you want to share.

      Also, I hope you’re doing well. Haven’t been able to keep in touch lately. 🙂

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      • I am ding well thanks. Busy time of year here as you can imagine! I’ll try to check out that song. Yes buried deep in the series I wrote called My Four Seasons I wrote about it. Basically I had bad bronchitis 15 years ago. So bad I was coughing so hard I momentarily blanked out. I got antibiotics and it cleared up but while driving home from work one night I started coughing and blanked out again for a second or two. I came to with the car twisting and glass breaking. What happened was when I blanked out the car was going around an uphill curve. It hit the curb which caused the car to flip over twice before coming to a stop on all four wheels. I was basically unhurt but if it had happened 10 minutes later I would have been on one of the busiest bridges in the world and I suspect I would not be typing this now had that happened. Thats the part that still gets me today I think still. But its okay, as you said for me it was almost like a reboot

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