A Toast for the Average 

Here’s a severely exasperating trend I’ve noticed lately- this deeply entrenched ‘fear of being average.’ Young men and women shuddering at the thought of ending up as anything that is not ‘excellent’ or ‘prodigy-like.’ They’re often seen carrying a gigantic mass of invisible pressure dictated by the more often than not ‘successful elders & cousins’ of their family.

They’re made to measure the success rate of life with numbers.
Percentage. Weight. Stipend. Marks. Net worth. Likes. Comments. Shares. Clicks. 

Here’s a food for thought-
Since when did we start declaring anything average as ‘not good enough?’
Since when did we start demanding perfection from every sphere of life?
Why are we so scared of everything ordinary? Why is ‘normal’ not coveted anymore?

As a generation, we’ve been fed such abnormal standards of excellence that everywhere I go, every person I meet is busy staggering and toiling to meet them. We’re all more afraid of ending up not glitzy enough or not ‘Zuckerberg-ish’ enough that we forget to be kind to ourselves in the process.

So what if you are not the sparkling diamond everyone expects you to be? You don’t need to be ‘the best’ to validate your existence. You can tread through life as smoothly and as peacefully as you find yourself capable of.

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary. Just like there’s nothing wrong with being extra ordinary. Be at peace with who and where you are and continue working diligently towards whatever goals you’ve set for yourself, without sacrificing your complicity in the process.

Don’t hurt yourself, physically or mentally in the course of winning this race. Success, you must know, is a state of mind. If you feel happy and content with where you are in life, relish it. Your mind will tell you that you’re ‘settling’ only if you feel that there’s still something that needs to be done. Take a deep breath-and do it.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. There is a life that needs to be lived amongst all the degrees and positions and recognition. There are moments that need to be remembered between the board meetings and urgent calls. Lastly, there is a youth that needs to be cherished between all the semesters and presentations.

I just realized I didn’t exactly propose a toast in the proper way. People, raise your imaginary glasses for the misfits, the ones treading the easier road, the ones who gaze silently from the sidelines and the ones snuggled in their blankets watching Netflix. This is for you.

13 thoughts on “A Toast for the Average 

  1. Yet again another wonderful post Aakansha, and so true! I have dealt with the same sort of frustrations but I try not to let it get to me. It is particularly frustrating dealing with the personalities you describe while looking for a new job (still have one, but trying to find something new). It can be frustrating getting your foot in the door with a simple and honest pledge to show up to work, work hard, figure stuff out, and if I can improve something, to actually do it. But too often prospective workers are looking for those glitzy Zuckerberg types that precisely match what they are looking for. It is frustrating but I do try to remind myself of what you say. And that is a wonderful song. I don’t have anything by Ray LaMontagne personally, but I think that may have to change 🙂

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  2. Those are some very important thoughts, which I have been waiting to hear from someone I trust for quite a long time. I’m really glad it was you, and it makes perfect sense to me that it was. Happy belated New Year (I’ve been MIA for a while).

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    • Hello favorite human,

      Yes I did notice your absence. Hope all is well, I assumed you had a lot of moving in to do you know, getting all your stuff in place.

      Happy New Year to you as well. All the happiness and luck for you.

      Lastly, thank you for appreciating my thoughts here and I’m so glad to be the one delivering something you’ve waited to hear. Life works in mysterious ways because you’ve said a lot of stuff on my posts in the past that I’ve genuinely waited for someone to say to me as well.

      C’est la vie. 🙂

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      • Thanks for the quick reply, and yes, I did finally get the move completed (the new place is great with all this extra space to mess up : (

        I always have appreciated your thoughts, thinking you wise far beyond your years. So you keep yourself happy and healthy now in this promising new year, and like always, stay safe.

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