A List of Little Pleasures

For a while now and due to some strange impulse, I have been making a list of some pleasures of life that go painfully unnoticed and unappreciated. I decided to jot down every moment or activity that feel insignificant while they’re happening but in retrospect, they’re pretty special.

It has been a month and these are all the things I call severely underrated and that they should be performed often and with more passion.


Long walks
Freshly baked cookies
Star gazing
Hand written letters
Staring at the clouds
Eye contact

Ferris wheels
Driving your bike in the rain
A caress 
Holding hands
Dancing in the kitchen
Your favorite song on the radio

Karaoke nights
A flower
Conversations on park benches
Hot tea on rainy days
Forehead kisses
New toothbrush
Cooking together

Smell of books
Unwrapping presents
A bowl of soup when you come down with flu
New pair of socks
Warming your hands inside the sleeves of your sweater
Dining out alone

Someone tucking your hair behind your ear
Bedtime stories
Grocery shopping for a special recipe
Rooftops at night
Midnight movie shows

Feel free to add anything you want to this list in the comment section. I’d be happy to know what other small pleasures of life exist in other parts of the world that I’m yet to experience.

Also, do let me know how many of the above things you’ve already experienced.

Let us take a step back and appreciate the little pleasures we are capable of creating and experiencing.

Let’s make this a long list of utter joy. 


Love always,

Your blogger.

13 thoughts on “A List of Little Pleasures

    • Thank you Roopesh.

      Would you feel sorry for me if I confess that I’ve actually never had freshly baked cookies? Just the packaged ones artfully displayed behind glass frames in stores or confectioneries. 😐


  1. I’m so sorry Aakansha, I got distracted. Lets see-the first mist rising on a lake
    Stormy days at the beach
    Early morning runs before most are awake
    The random smile of a child
    Watching the rain fall while laying in bed
    A really good book
    Music that touches your soul
    The first colors of spring
    The final colors of autumn

    That’s a few anyway! Sorry for the delay but we had gone away 😄

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  2. I loved this Aak – how creative you are?! It’s a fabulous list, to which I can only add:
    1 Eating marshmallows
    2 Spending time browsing in a bookshop
    3 Sitting in the same bookshop thumbing through a book that’s caught your eye, but you’re not sure whether you want to buy it or not
    4 Discovering a lake (that you didn’t know was nearby) and sitting on a bench watching time go by
    5 Finding a substantial amount of money in a handbag that you’d forgotten about …

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    • Oh my. What a great list! I’m almost furious at myself for not mentioning the bookstore so thank you for bringing it to light!

      And oh boy, don’t we all love number 5. 😀

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