Yet so far

In the math of two numbers
My life vacillates
So close to being lucky
So close to being loved
So close to being chosen
So close to 11:11
But never quite there.

I see the shore every time
From the boat
In which I paddle alone
Grappling, sweating
I reach out
I almost reach the shore
But I don’t make it.
Just like the numbers

I’m running
I see the finish line
I see the ribbon fluttering in the wind
I see it between my labored breaths
It’s right there
Only if I could just stretch my hand and grab it
But I don’t. I can’t.

In a sea of numbers
I’ll always be 11:10
Almost reaching what my heart desires
But just missing it
But never quite there.

5 thoughts on “Yet so far

  1. Wow. Such a wonderful concept. My absolute most favorite poem of all time is ‘Meeting Point’ by Louis MacNeice-“Time was away and somewhere else”. Your use of time and math if you will are very inventive Aakansha. This was truly enjoyable and your writing is becoming so much more focused and powerful with every piece I write.

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    • Thank you Robert. Incidentally, this poem was inspired by a series of a slightly curious event that has been taking place with me lately.

      Everytime I pick up my phone, the time is always 11:10. At first I shrugged it off as a mere co- incidence, but this pattern isn’t stopping and it happens almost everyday.
      Interesting, isn’t it? This poem was inspired by this pattern itself. Haha.

      And I just read the poem you mentioned. Blew my mind. Thank you for sharing.

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      • That is interesting! I forget the details but I remember something similar happening to me years ago. Like it was some sort of attachment to that particular minute, out of all the minutes in a day! Weird. I’m so glad you liked that poem. I studied in college for a contemporary Irish Literature class and it stuck with me.

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