Here’s to our Happy Endings

Hello all,

I have finally found the reason people cling to stories. 

They use fiction to heal what reality breaks. Forgive me, I do not wish to blindly mar what I dislike, but reality isn’t always pretty, nor is it anywhere close to how our heart wishes it to be. Reality and fiction run parallel, and some of us find ourselves hopelessly clinging to both with life ordaining us to maintain a healthy balance. 

It is a secret trapdoor in our vast, intimidating and often tedious material world. Some of us (rather most) wish to secretly escape through that door, never to return, while some sigh at its impossibility and content themselves with occasional peaks through it. 

I belong somewhere in the middle. There are periods where I open that trapdoor, climb through and sit there to my heart’s content. I believe I am the happiest then. Other days I try to be rational and real, two words I sincerely dislike (though understand their gravity). But even in reality, a tiny fraction in my heart still dwells in stories and imagination (and magic).

I believe others do that too; take that trapdoor with them. It gives them a tool, a feeling that helps keep the drudgery of life away, that tool is hope. The greatest drug, the foundation of our present and the promise of our future. It saves lives. It is what makes us brush the dust off and walk again.

Stories are like a bridge connecting us to that hope. They help allay our grief, ‘It’s okay. It’ll get better. Eventually. One day.’ They are a proof that we deserve happy endings, more importantly, that happy endings are possible. That they exist. 

Fiction helps mellow today’s hurt. So keep reading, listening, watching through your trapdoor. Keep it alive. There is a bright, luminous promise somewhere in there that things will be better.

They have to be. 

Love always,
Your blogger. 

7 thoughts on “Here’s to our Happy Endings

  1. This rings very true for me. I liken it to a lot of the music and books I read. That trapdoor you like to hide out in is somewhere I could happily stay in on certain days. Lately I feel so…unimpressed by so much that it seems like a magical place. I know reality will find me in the end but that fictional place sure sounds goos. Excellent post and great to have you back! A good day for both of us 🙂

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    • A good day indeed. I relate so much by that unimpressed point. It’s like reality is so mundane, nothing exhilarating or magical happens, not even close to what our trapdoor holds. *sigh*

      But let us count the serendipity of our posts coinciding as magic. 🙂

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  2. Yes, so true my wise friend. But there is joy, genuine joy lurking, its just harder to find. But I make the quest part of the magic. Books, music, documentaries, whatever it is that fuels us. Or I just put some Runrig on 🙂 One thing is for certain, it was indeed serendipity us both posting on the same day. We move forward together now!

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