To the Woods

I hadn’t expected it to be this cold or I would’ve brought the sweatshirt mama bought me last Christmas. For now, I hope my flannels will keep me warm. It is funny how in your last moments, you’re supposed to think about the ones you love, or all of those rare moments when life seemed extraordinary. You’re supposed to be having flashbacks of your favorite birthday parties, or the day you got your first kiss or the day you went to your very first carnival.

I smile, trying desperately hard to light a fire in this dark. I rub two stones together, little sparks lighting up with every strike, ultimately giving birth to a young, warm fire. My eyes reflect the yellow glow they receive and somehow, I don’t feel cold anymore. Rubbing my hands, I take a glimpse of the valley far below. Dark, quiet; like the trees were asleep, unburdening themselves.

Dry leaves crunch and break beneath my worn out shoe. They’re going to be one year old tomorrow. He gave me these when I turned 21. A quiet wind blew through the woods, fanning my young flames. The trees sighed and looked down upon my little figure. A young guy huddled by a tiny fire, smiling on the adventure that lay ahead.

I wonder if I’ll be missed. The son who had it all, but somehow didn’t? The obliging one who went astray? The exchange of a present on his 21st birthday, that changed everything. In one year, I was no more their obliging son. I was, according to them, ‘confused.’

What would’ve happened if they had said yes and we hadn’t run away? Would we be happier? Would our Sunday dinners include him too? Would we be free? Would we be allowed to stand on the altar? The smile on my face fades away, as I watch the dying embers of my fire. What will they think when I’m gone?

Slowly I stand up and wade my way to the forest’s end where lay the bare ground. The part where I could directly face the valley down below; almost hearing the sound of all the lives that slept in it. Do those birds ever have to run away?

I lie down and gaze at the star studded night and catch a glimpse of a falling star. I hear footsteps approaching and somehow my smile comes back.
‘I thought you said you needed dry wood for our fire,’ he says as he lies down next to me.
Holding hands we gaze at the night, thinking of what would happen next.

Somewhere in the distance, a star twinkled a little more brightly.

The ‘MAN’

Okaaayyy. So this post is going to be the cheekiest, eye rolling, head nodding, face-scrunching post of the decade. TODAY, dear readers you’re going to see the fluttery butterflies-in-stomach hyper excited and ventilated GIRLY side of me, which is so rare, believe me.

Anyway, so today I’m just going to list and reason out the kind of traits that I find really attractive in a man. Some specific traits that are an instant approval for them.

Even though I live in my world of fantasy and all of my boyfriends either exist in the pages of books or in movies but they DO exist.

 Legolas Greenleaf  and Dean Winchester ❤

So here it goes:


This is like the top most quality. The guy I decide to be with should at least have a sarcasm level equivalent to mine, my level is evil, believe me. 😛 When you understand and relate to each other’s jokes, there’s an instant connection, at least for me.

If his sarcasm level is higher-even better.


This is such an important criteria. “Tlkin lyk dis izz so annoyn.”  At least he should be able to write a paragraph without any grammatical errors.


Well this one sort of personal. I don’t want him to be a retard literally, but he should either be a part of the level of crazy that I have or be comfortable with it, because either way, I’m going to do my thing.


I think every girl agrees with me on this one. Manners are essential to win a girl’s respect and trust and good manners automatically make a man venerable. (Go and ask a Brit) 😛


All right, you probably think that’s ridiculous, but I LOVE Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit and if you can’t handle that, you might as well let yourself out, get it precious?


Men who are strong and confident in themselves, who care about their goals and ambitions in life and are working towards them are spot on for every girl. Who know how to take a stand, not just for themselves but also for their girl.


This again is universally applicable. I mean there shouldn’t be any reason to lie. My take on honesty is really straight, go for a bros night out if you want and have the time of your life with the guys, you’re allowed to have your own space, but just don’t lie to me about it.


Okay, please don’t make that face. I agree some of you don’t like public display of affection but I appreciate it. Like not devour and suck the soul out of my body but just not being hesitant to show the love. Like some men don’t like getting too sappy in public as it might deem them as ‘not manly enough.’ Well I don’t want that kind of masculinity in my life.


Men who are actually men and not rugged boys with stripped t-shirts are and will always be a classic. Be classy, be suave.

I  could add more, but those are not as important as the points mentioned above. Obviously, all these traits should be a two-way thing, the men aren’t the only one responsible for these duties.

I have a 10,00,00,00,000 crushes and they keep adding everyday.


What are some of the traits that you’d prefer in your significant other? 

10 Reasons Why Being a Girl is Hard

So yesterday I read an article on the internet called ’30 Annoying Things That Women do that Guys Hate’ (30-like really?). It was written by some guy who either had a century old grudge against the female gender OR had a recent heartbreak-who knows? But the amount of spite that his article presented, told me that he carried some real issues with women (prayers go out to his future girlfriend).

Anyway so I hadn’t really posted anything lately due to my arduous semester exams but now that they’re finally over, you all can endure read my stuff again. So whilst I read that article I thought I should play my part in the Female Army and maybe write an antithesis for it since this issue has been a major topic of discussion when it comes to the stereotypical chasms of wars between the two great genders of humanity; Male and Female respectively. Here it goes!

I went ahead and asked ALL the female friends I had in my contact list as to what according to them were some of the hardships you go through in the charming process of ‘being a girl’. The replies I got were hilarious. I summed them up in 10 brief points!

  • We have to be multitaskers; have to master cooking, a proper job AND to look presentable as well.
  • Do you know how hard it is to get one of those ‘Good Hair Days’ and then try to maintain them throughout the day?
  • We can’t come and conk off on a couch in a party;we have to master the ‘RIGHT POSTURE’  because apart from everything else-We ALSO have to be a lady!
  • Getting those stupid legs waxed and shiny?
  • I don’t think any other gender understands how hard it is to go through the 5 day pain every month AND act perfectly normal about it.
  • The wings of the left eye eyeliner are always ‘not-perfect’.
  • Curling and straightening rods scare the crap out of me. THEY REALLY DO.
  • It’s always hard and gawky for a girl to approach a guy. The drill says that the guy should ‘make the move’. So it attracts a lot of attention if a girl steps forward.

and lastly,

  • We cannot be reckless. As in carefree. It’s genetically imbibed in us;we cannot ‘not care’ about people or things no matter how much we try. We tend to ponder over every small thing. Although it’s an innate quality but sometimes it turns out to be extremely exhausting.

So this is it. There-I said it all. Sometimes we might exasperate you boys and make you all think of all the painless suicide options-but we aren’t THAT bad. You might think we’re annoying and whiny and sometimes fairly obnoxious.  (Psst ..not all of us are). But in honest defense, we go through the above things that are biologically programmed for US and so YOU, no matter how much you try, will not understand how tiresome it actually is (although we wish you did).

So after you’re done reading this, go and give your girlfriend/wife a bunch of flowers AND chocolates .. Oh and Gummy Bears too ..Oh Oh. .. and a box of Nutella maybe?

Okay-I’ll stop writing now.

If there’s anything you want me add, feel free to notify me in the comment box.

The Beauty of a ‘Monsieur’


So I fired up my computer in hopes of writing something (quite obviously) but this is definitely NOT what I had in mind. Writing an article appreciating men? Duh? Remember Beyonce – “Who run the world? Girls!” And then I have better works to do, like jumping off a cliff and dying or sticking my head in trash.

Jokes apart, this particular issue has been clouding in the back of my head for a long time. I just wasn’t quite able to put a finger on it. In my 18 years of ‘life’ experience, I have had the good fortune of bumping across many immaculate qualities of ‘Monsieurs.’ Great authors have taught us to appreciate the small things in life, so here I am, appreciating the small thing. (I’m hideous, aren’t I?) So this particular post is dedicated to all the great Monsieurs around the world. *Pops up champagne*

Anyway, man is truly an amazing specie. I feel that it’s not just the women who need to be pampered, appreciated, or treasured, men also deserve a spark of admiration. The thing is, I feel that today society is focusing a lot on the rights and beauty of women. How they can transform your life, how selfless  their love is (not that any of this is wrong) but let’s face it, without men, we’d be lost.

Be it a father, brother, spouse, fiancé, boyfriend, best friend, partner, colleague, boss .. men play every role exceptionally. They not just love us, but give us the promise of keeping us safe. If you have the right man, and you treat him deservedly, he can be your greatest strength. I’ve known through observation, that a man would literally do ANYTHING for the woman he loves. Cross all boundaries and extend all limits if that is what it takes to keep his maiden happy.

He would skip a meal himself, and say he’d had dinner, just to bring food to the table. Plus, who can forget chivalry! I understand and appreciate the fact that women are independent now, they like to feel free and strong. But I would still love it when and if a man opens a door for me, or offers to carry my bags if it’s too heavy. The simple act of leaving your seat on a bus to let the girl sit. That’s chivalry and that is so delightfully impressive. And ladies, tell me you don’t secretly love when men try to persuade you, or when you’re angry how hard they try to pacify you. Showering you with gifts and not giving up until they see that smile and they’ve made sure you’re not mad anymore.

I personally have a best friend who is a guy. And he is totally amazing. I can be myself when I’m around him and I don’t think anyone understands me as well as he does. I could be the weirdest girl and suddenly switch to sophistication  and he wouldn’t mind. He would love me anyway.

If you look closely inside a man’s heart, you’d see the part where he is so dependent on you. He might show himself as tough and strong (which all men do) but the real weakness of men are the people they love. They can’t afford to abandon their responsibilities. They love you exactly for what you are, not the person society forces on you to become.

Men are a very important and much needed foundation of this society. I for one am very dependent on men. I have a genuine admiration and love for all the men who’re close to me. Because each one of them has contributed in making me the person I am today.

So cheers to the gender who doesn’t care about make-up, can be a total macho but stutter in front of his girl, who don’t care what they wear (okay, maybe a little) and lastly, who are selfless, loving and a dependable specie on this planet. So men, after reading this don’t feel you’re not appreciated and loved. And please continue being the gentlemen you truly are.


All Women.