Eat. Pray. Love.

What a beautiful thought yet sadly not inculcated by today’s generation. People no more see the qualities in a human being, but when the first eye-contact is made they try to find their flaws. The small little things that maybe they didn’t plan on happening but they just did, they target their ‘Achilles Heel.’

It’s like the human has blocked itself from seeing the beauty of things. Even if they feel drawn towards something they try desperately hard to suppress it. Even if they find something great in a person or a song or maybe a piece of art, they never come forward and confess how much they love it. It’s like it’s some kind of a weakness of their own.

I say-Why not shout out to them? Why not express it and maybe make someone’s day. You’re not losing anything. Don’t move on-STOP! Stop right there and tell that guy his watch looks great! Tell your colleague she looks absolutely beautiful today! Compliment the waiter at a restaurant for the excellent service and food even if he doesn’t ask for your reviews (I’ve done it and you should have seen the smile on his face).

Try to make someone’s day today. Be nicer, be kinder to each other. Presenting yourself as witty all the time will never portray a good image of you, believe me. It will leave you sour and bitter.

Please don’t try to find the bad in everything. Don’t remind people of their weaknesses. They’re already aware of them. Instead, tell them how amazing they are and how blessed you are to have known them. How truly wondrous and unblemished their soul is. How nice it is to have them in your life.

Even if they disagree-say it with such unwavering honesty that they’re forced to believe you.