Being YOU-A Blessing.

She was a simple, down-to-earth girl, as they put it. Prettiest smile, with rich locks of curly hair, and big brown eyes. Always ahead of her class, yet humble and helpful to everyone. Not forgetting to mention, she had an amazing hold on vocabulary.
People also used to call her “Perfect” sometimes. She did not have the gleam to make boys fall head over heels for her or receiving flowers and chocolates on her every blink, but she had something different in her personality. Something that very few could understand.Very few could notice.
You must have created a flawless portrait if this girl till now. Well, why wouldn’t you?
She was my school mate. I didn’t know her that well, but knew her enough to tell you the above traits.
I’m not sure whether she was studying with me since kindergartenbut it was in one of our Morning Assembly Debates when I first heard her. By her confidence and the way she spoke I realised and soon witnessed that our house would win this time,and it did.
Years passed, I forgot about her, and before I even realised I was in the final year of my school.
Standing in our usual morning assembly’s, I heard a familiar voice on the mike. I peeked slightly above the line and there she was. Once again the same confidence, the same beam of self esteem in her eyes, and once again, the winner.
It so happened that during our final year we started to talk, well, a little.
But although I barely knew her, I noticed a change in her. The sweatshirt-jeans-shoes girl had now transformed into a dress-heels-bags girl. The way she spoke was different. That over-acting, that unnecessary giggles. I don’t know if I’m being fair or that I know her enough to judge her, but she seemed different.
She wanted to be Amongst the crowd. She wanted to be Accepted. And most important of all, she wanted more. Sadly, she did not realise she had everything already.
Why was she becoming that way? Why did that sweet-gorgeous girl transform into this plastic barbie/model?
I think we all go through a phase like this. When we change, because the society wants us to change.
The society moulds us into these uneven pots of clay, that are dried and baked in the heat of desperation, peer-pressure, anger, dissatisfaction, anxiety and the list goes on. It’s like an exam. A test of who we are and if we can hold onto that.
The purpose of this post was not to bring to light the change in this girl I mentioned earlier, she chose what she wanted.
But to spread this simple voice that says, you’ll be worth a million, if you stay who you are. and you’ll be just like another sheep in the herd if you, well, WORK HARD to be ACCEPTED in the herd. The magic lies in the fact that you hold on tight in this bumpy ride, and in the process of this self-evaluation, not lose yourself and skip the very reality of who you are.